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Interactive platform for the General Assembly on French-language Books

Preparations for the General Assembly on French-language Books Around the World are underway, with the event scheduled to be held in Tunis in 2020. A website has been set up to support the General Assembly, which is a collaborative project by nature: all those involved in the Francophone book world are invited to provide their contributions via this digital platform.

Updated on 09/10/2019

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Launched at the initiative of the President of the French Republic, the organisation of the General Assembly on French-language Books Around the World is one of the measures of his Plan for the French Language and Multilingualism, presented in March 2018. It will be held in Tunis in 2020, to coordinate with the Francophone Heads of State Summit scheduled for November. Its objective: to stimulate, integrate and develop the French-language editorial market and enable greater circulation of French-language works and authors among all French-speaking audiences. 

The General Assembly is guided by a desire to involve all relevant French-speaking players: book professionals, institutions working to promote books, political representatives connected to culture and education, public and private actors, members of civil society involved in promoting books, etc. All are invited to contribute to the French-Language Books Platform


Informing those involved in the book world and inviting them to contribute


This platform has two objectives:

  • informing the public about the latest developments in the preparation of the General Assembly on French-language Books Around the World, its governance, its objectives, its proposed action plan and the accompanying measures;
  • enabling all players in the French-language book world to contribute to and make proposals regarding the General Assembly.

The participation of as many people as possible and the representation of a wide variety of players will contribute to discussions and will allow the organisers to make suggestions for an assembly which is rich and diverse.


Are you a player in the book world?

Do you want to take part in this general assembly? You can:

  • register on the platform and immediately contribute to drawing up a map of French-language book world players around the globe in order to facilitate networking; 
  • communicate about the platform by inviting the French-language book contributors from your network to register;
  • react to proposals already made by voting on or discussing contributions from professional meetings and workshops held in Casablanca, Bamako, Tunis, Paris, Geneva, Abidjan, etc. as well as those submitted by registered participants; 
  • submit new proposals based on specific discussions or work taking place within your organisation (association, trade union, consortium, institution, etc.) and invite the members of your network to come and support these proposals. 

Contributions may be submitted through January 2020. They will then be summarised in order to produce around forty proposals that may be put forward at the time of the General Assembly in Tunis.



Also read the interview with Sylvie Marcé, commisioner for the General Assembly on French-language Books

The Institut français and the project

Initiated by the President of the French Republic, the General Assembly on French-language Books is one of the features of the French Language and Multilingualism Plan, presented on 20th March 2018 at the Académie Française.


The Institut Français is responsible for its implementation, under the general direction of Sylvie Marcé.

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