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LabCitoyen 2019
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LabCitoyen 2019: "Women's rights: equality and citizenship"

For a week beginning on 1st July, LabCitoyen, the Institut français programme dedicated to Human Rights, will gather 57 young French-speakers from all over the world to discuss the theme: "Women's rights: equality and citizenship". Writer Leïla Slimani, 2016 Prix Goncourt winner, is the sponsor of this edition.

Updated on 04/07/2019

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Launched in 2013, the LabCitoyen programme enables some sixty young French-speakers from around the world who are committed to citizenship initiatives and aged 20 to 26 to meet in Paris to address major human rights issues through a series of talks, debates, round tables and workshops.

For the 2019 edition, 57 participants in the programme, with diverse profiles and backgrounds and from 50 countries, were selected by the French cultural network abroad for their ability to discuss, debate and explain in French their social commitments through involvement in charitable organisations, political parties, student unions or businesses.

Equality and citizenship for women today

Although today women’s struggle for full recognition of their rights is better reflected in politics, the law and the media, achieving equality between men and women remains a challenge both in the public sphere – professional, social and political life – and in the private sphere. This is a global challenge, the solutions to which must nevertheless take into account the differences between places, contexts and the obstacles which stand between women and equality.

Can we talk about full citizenship for women when their fundamental rights are not recognised, not applied or are threatened in many countries? What citizenship can exist without participation in political life and professional responsibilities? What citizenship can exist for migrant women, and female workers without rights?

A week of discussion and reflection

The theme of the 2019 edition will give rise to a series of meetings during which different subjects will be addressed: women’s representation and visibility in politics and the media, the fight against discrimination in the labour market, activism and protest, women’s right to control their own bodies, the education of young girls and women in entrepreneurship.

As the week progresses, the young participants will share their thoughts with many actors from institutions, charitable associations, scientific bodies and civil society: The OCDE, Assemblée Nationale, Palais de la Femme, Osez le féminisme! Association Nationale des Centres d’IVG et de Contraception, ONE France, la Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis, etc.

The writer Leïla Slimani, 2016 Prix Goncourt winner, will be the sponsor of 2019 LabCitoyen.

Prepare for the future

Louise Tourret, journalist, producer of the programme Rue des écoles on France Culture and specialist in education issues, Vincent Edin, journalist and essayist, and Élodie Vialle, journalist and head of the journalism and technology office at Reporters Without Borders and already present at the 2018 edition, will support and facilitate the different events for the 2019 LabCitoyen participants, throughout their stay. 

These young agents of change will be invited to tell their stories, to compare their ideas and expertise to perfect their skills, to develop their critical thinking, to increase their knowledge and thus to tackle the challenges they face in their respective countries.

The Institut français and the project

An Institut Français mobility programme, LabCitoyen supports young socially-engaged citizens from all over the world. It looks to promote the French language as a tool for debate and action.


Learn more about the LabCitoyen programme.

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