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Lancement du Sommet de Septembre
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Launch of the Sommet de Septembre

Initially planned for September 2020 and postponed due to the public health crisis, the Sommet de Septembre of the Africa2020 Season, which is retaining its title and its key event status, will take place throughout March 2021.

Updated on 09/05/2022

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The Africa2020 Season is a platform for shared discussions on the state of the contemporary societies which, beyond Africa, resonate with France and the rest of the world. Focused on the production and dissemination of thought, the Sommet de Septembre is a series of forums and conversations in higher education and cultural institutions. This key event will emphasise intellectual production and the transcendence of ideas. It aims to provide numerous opportunities for specialists and audience to come together, around the five themes of the Africa2020 Season.

•        Augmented orality

•        Economy and fabulation

•        Archiving of imaginary stories

•        Fiction and (un)authorised movements

•        Systems of disobedience

Programme: forums and conversations


Each forum (each lasting one to two days) will be developed in partnership with an African figure or institution and will feature intellectuals (historians, philosophers, specialists in social and political sciences), scientists and creatives (artists, architects, writers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, etc.).


Each conversation is a two-hour discussion on a single theme between two figures from different professional fields.

The Institut français and the event

The Sommet de septembre is presented as part of the Africa2020 Season.  

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