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Multilingual Escape Game

On the occasion of the 2019 European Day of Languages, the Institut Français has created a multilingual Escape Game. Play on!

Updated on 26/09/2019

2 min

On 26th September, many Institut Françaises and Alliances Françaises around the world will offer their visitors an Escape Game, bringing together different cultures and foreign languages. Participants will have an hour to solve a series of puzzles as a team, in order to be the first to find the prize.

Created for the libraries of the network of Alliances françaises and the Institut Françaises around the world, this cooperative puzzle game is an unusual and entertaining way to promote linguistic and cultural diversity.

What is a multilingual Escape Game?

Escape games are puzzles which pit several teams against each other, working against the clock. As a group, players need to look for clues, then combine them to solve each stage of the puzzle and reach their final goal.

Following successful Escape Game experiments in several libraries across the cultural network, the EUNIC Paris network, which brings together the European cultural institutes located in Greater Paris, wanted to offer a European treasure hunt game focused on multilingualism as a fun celebration of the 2019 European Day of Languages.

Developed with the Dulala Association, which promotes multilingualism and language learning as a path towards better communal living and learning, the game encourages an interest in and curiosity about other languages. Each riddle uses languages which the players may or may not know, based on a variety of approaches to languages and cultures.

Where can you play?

Many Institut françaises and Alliances françaises around the world will offer the game on the European Day of Languages, 26th September 2019, with their European cultural partners. Contact your nearest cultural centre for more information.

In Paris, you can register for one of the sessions organised by the European cultural institutions on 25th and 26th September.


More information

The Institut français and the project

The Institut français is behind this multilingual Escape Game.


The project is part of its promotion of the French language and multilingualism, and its support for media libraries across the French cultural network.

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