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« Point de vue » - 8 artists’ portrait videos

Through a series of videos, the Point de vue (Point of View) project, launched by the Institut français in Germany, gives an original portrait of a selection of French creators and visual artists that have chosen Germany as a host country. 

Updated on 09/05/2022

2 min

The Point de vue 2020 series, curated by Tristan Deschamps, presents portraits of Nadira Husain, Lily Matras, Kévin Blinderman, Aude Pariset, Claude Eigan, Mathias Schech, Daniela Macé-Rossiter and Adrien Missika.

In less than 10 minutes, each portrait allows you to discover an artist and his works. These videos are also an opportunity for artists to tell their stories, present their work and explain why they have chosen Germany as their host country.

Point de vue - Nadira Husain - Episode 1
Point de vue - Nadira Husain - Episode 1
The Institut français and the project

The Point de vue project was introduced by the Institut français in Germany Visual Art Office in cooperation with the French Ministry of Culture, the Franco-German Youth Office and the participation of TV5MONDE (head of short programs: Isabelle Darmengeat). 

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