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Bouside Ait Atmane - Battle © Richard Louvet

The month of urban cultures in Quito: hip-hop culture celebrated in Ecuador

Since January 2019, the FAIR[E] collective has headed the National Choreography Centre in Rennes and Brittany (CNRB). Their original choreography is on display throughout September in Quito, Ecuador.

Updated on 16/09/2019

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After ten years at the head of the CCNRB (National Choreography Centre of Rennes and Brittany), in early 2019 choreographer Boris Charmatz passed the torch of his (ex-)Museum of Dance to the FAIR[E] collective and its many choreographers. A provocative participant in the contemporary dance scene, FAIR[E] works to generate social connections and promote the values of experimentation and research. Strongly influenced by hip-hop culture, the FAIR[E] collective is taking part in Ecuador's Urban Culture Month in September 2019 alongside local artists and the company YZ, Y as in Yanka Pedron and Z standing for Bouside Aït-Atmane (also a member of the FAIR[E] collective).


Action as a way of seeing the world

The FAIR[E] collective is composed of eight members: Six choreographers and dancers — Bouside Aït-Atmane, Iffra Dia, Johanna Faye, Linda Hayford, Saïdo Lehlouh and Ousmane Sy — and two producers — Céline Gallet and Marion Poupinet. Together, they have taken charge of the National Choreography Centre of Rennes and Brittany.

“We promote the use of action as a way of seeing the world. As a way of appropriating our immediate environment through action-reaction and of injecting, where we can, desire, poetry, equality, imagination, joy, sharing and collaboration” explains the collective. Significantly influenced by different hip-hop aesthetics, FAIR[E] presents shows at the crossroads of breakdancing, Krump and house dancing, while also drawing on Latin influences and contemporary dance.


Hip-hop in Ecuador

To celebrate the Month of Urban Cultures, the Ecuador Alliance Française invited the FAIR[E] collective and the YZ company to the city of Quito for an artistic and educational project divided into three stages. Two internationally renowned artists take the reins as artistic directors: Laetitia Ponce (DJ T-Sia), a dancer specialising in breakdancing, and Ousmane Sy, the co-director of the Choreography Centre of Rennes and Brittany and one of the greatest French performers of house dance and Afro-house.

To begin with, spectators will be able to attend dance presentations on the history of hip-hop from 1970 to the present day and on the new generation of Francophone choreographers. Led by experts, talks about hip-hop in Ecuador and Latin America will also present local artists. At the same time, many battles (crew v crew, 7 to Smoke, 1 v 1, in other words group versus group or dancer versus dancer duels) will punctuate the festivities. A final feature is the “Jams”, evenings of hip-hop improvisation.


This large-scale project will expose a diverse audience to the different aesthetics of urban dance and will also notably present an opportunity to facilitate partnerships between local actors and French institutions and artists.

The Institut français and the project

The month of urban cultures in Quito is supported by the Institut français in partnership with Rennes and Rennes Metropolis.

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