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Les Récréâtrales
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The Récréâtrales

Today the Récréâtrales – Résidences panafricaines d’écriture, de création et de recherche théâtrale (Panafrican theatre writing, creation and research residencies) – form one of the major events in the theatre world in French-speaking Africa. 

It is a biennial festival in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso that hosts a dozen African contemporary projects each year bringing together 250 to 350 creators from all over the African continent and Europe. It provides them with a working framework, production spaces and means and distribution, as well as opportunities for visibility throughout a four-stage process from February to November: the Quarantaine (Quarantine), Côté Cour (stage left), Artistic Residencies and Festival Platform.

Published on 22/10/2020

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The project was started in 2002 by Etienne Minoungou, and set up in the heart of the Bougsemtenga neighbourhood in 2006. There it develops a combined strategy that involves the residents that come from where it is established. Through continuously building social dialogue with the local populations, the project boosts participative energy leading to the residents becoming increasingly involved in the various aspects of the project.

Directed today by Aristide Tarnagda, the Récréâtrales also gives the neighbourhood’s residents the possibility to become involved in the project’s artistic process through taking part in the Jeune Public (Young Audience) des Récréâtrales project, through taking part in the festival’s opening show or via a programme of artistic accompaniment implemented over two years.  

Apart from creating and distributing shows, the Récréâtrales produce several projects that participate in African theatre professionals’ professionalisation and the reach of the continent’s artists’, researchers’, and scientists’ works and ideas. Among those that can be mentioned are the Labo ELAN (Laboratory of theatrical research, training and creation), the Collège Scéno des Récréâtrales (training and set design training space) the Soirées Partage (shared evenings – discussions held between an invited personality from the continent and the public arranged by Kouam Tawa) and the cycle de lecture Langues d’Afrique (African language reading cycle, promoting the continent’s young playwrights). 

Alongside the organisation of these occasional projects, the Récréâtrales work to establish permanent activities through two creation and distribution tools: the family Theatre (the Récréâtrales’s permanent theatre) and its mobile counterpart the Récréâtrales Travelling Theatre. 

The project for a school providing qualifications in set design and performance techniques – the Académie Régionale de Technique du Spectacle et de Scénographie (the Set Design and Performance Technique Regional Academy) – is also being planned. 

The Festival Platform of the 11th edition of the Récréâtrales is being held from 24 to 31 October 2020 with the theme NOUS DRESSER (STANDING UP TOGETHER) and the patronage of Felwine Sarr.

On the programme this year: 1 opening performance, 4 performances undergoing creation, 3 performances being presented, 1 set designed street, 1 Shared Evening, 4 mornings of African Language readings, 1 Young Audience programme and live concerts. 

In total more around 200 artists from 14 African and European countries make up the 11th edition.

The Institut français and the event

The Récréâtrales are supported by the Institut français as part of its promotion of Francophone dramatic writing and its support for African cultural actors.

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