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VR de la Mostra de Venise 2020
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The VR edition of the 2020 Venice International Film Festival shown exclusively at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS!

Taking into account the exceptional health context, this year the virtual reality section of the Venice International Film Festival becomes “Venice VR Expanded”, and will take place at venues through a satellite network around the world from 2 to 12 September.

In France, this VR selection can be seen exclusively at the 104, in Paris.

Updated on 09/09/2020

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The Institut français is partnering the event, which will give the opportunity for the forty or so projects selected by the Venice International Film Festival to be seen, several of which are French creations and coproductions:

  • Recoding Entropia (Da Prod) by François Vautier,
  • Mirror: The Signal by Pierre Zandrowicz
  • A Taste of Hunger (Denmark, Sweden, France) by Christoffer Boe and David Adler, 
  • Goodbye Mr. Octopus (France, USA) by Amaury Campion,
  • Dreamin’Zone (France, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea) by Fabienne Giezendanner,
  • The Hangman at Home. An immersive single user experience (Denmark, France, Canada) by Michelle and Uri Kranot, 
  • 4 Feet High (Argentina, France) by Maria Belen Poncio, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan and Damian Turkieh 
  • Minimum Mass (New Zealand, France, United States) by Raqi Syed and Areito Echevarria

The French director Mathias Chelebourg is also part of this selection with his new creation Baba Yaga co-produced with Eric Darnell.

The French director and screenwriter Céline Tricart is president of the jury, which also includes Asif Kapadia and Hideo Kojima.

The work of Joséphine DerobeMeet Mortaza VR (France, Belgium), will be presented out of competition.

Thanks to DIVERSION cinema which has been operating the Venice VR Festival for several years, you can journey to other places discovering this selection of unique shared experiences while keeping your distance from others in a temporary 250 sq m space. 


Find all the information you need here to reserve your places at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS!

The Institut français and the event

The Institut français assists French players in virtual reality in developing internationally, by reinforcing their visibility thanks to a bilingual showcase-website and by promoting the distribution of their works through the French cultural network abroad (La Sélection VR) and international markets (French Immersion programme, VR Immersive Experiences catalogue). It fosters international coproductions and cooperations and puts French and foreign professionals in contact with each other (in particular with the framework of the Focus). Lastly it supports designers within the framework of the residency programmes (VR writing residency, Villa Kujoyama, Villa San Francisco, etc.)



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