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What is the residency programme offered by the Institut français ?


The mission of the Institut français residency programme is to encourage the mobility of artists and promote dialogue with foreign cultures, in France, in Europe and worldwide.

Residencies are an essential part of an artists’ journey, an essential tool which supports their creation. Immersion in another country to undertake a research project is often an important factor in the design and creation of a work. Many designers need this “elsewhere”; they experience it as a source of enrichment which broadens their artistic horizons. Deeply influenced by the geographical location they are visiting, the creators interrogate their own approach, question their status and examine the society around them.

The Institut français supports selected artists to prepare for residencies and provides them with its skills and knowledge of professional and artistic networks in France and abroad. Upon returning from the residency, the research carried out may be subject to presentation via the Institut français website or at professional meetings.

All the residency programmes, except that of the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, are intended for French artists or foreign artists who have resided in France for more than five years.


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