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Our missions

a key stakeholder in cultural policy outside France

As a key stakeholder in cultural policy outside France, the Institut français is entrusted with a public service mission and financed by state subsidy.

The Institut français, under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, conducts three fundamental missions.

To promote French culture and language around the world

The Institut français works to promote the internationalisation of French creators and French cultural and creative industries.

It supports stakeholders with a commitment to the French language and multilingualism abroad, including teachers, intellectuals, artists, institutions, business leaders, start-up creators and representatives of civil society. 

The Institut français also supports local authorities with their international cultural policy. It helps to increase the attractiveness of France.

To strive for cultural diversity around the world

The Institut français supports the international mobility of talents and encourages cultural encounters between France and other countries. 

This mission is made possible through the dialogue it establishes with creators, stakeholders in cultural life and civil societies around the world. The co-construction of projects and partnerships is encouraged at every level, and promotes intercultural exchanges. 

The Institut français helps to host foreign cultures in France.

To amplify the action of the French cultural network abroad

The Institut français works with all the establishments of the French cultural network abroad, including Instituts français, Alliances Françaises, Cooperation and Cultural Action Services (SCAC) of the French Embassies and binational centres. It supplies advice and expertise, supports their projects and creates and provides them with tools and resources. The Institut français also supports skills development for agents of the network.

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