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« Digital Mediation and Cultural Innovation » Catalogue

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The « Digital Mediation and Cultural Innovation » catalogue references some fifty organisations working in the cultural innovation and digital mediation sector in order to encourage the commercialisation of their knowledge and expertise abroad. Available in English, it addresses partners and representatives from the French cultural network abroad, including museums, heritage and tourist sites, cultural venues, governments, Departments of cultural affairs etc.
The objective of the catalogue is to promote French expertise in the fields of cultural engineering and digital mediation with these partners and thus maximize market opportunities for our companies in the context of tourism and cultural development projects in the foreigner.
Terms and conditions

This catalogue, designed to be widely distributed among foreign professionals, is available in English only.Digital distribution – with access to the organisations’ website in particular – will be given priority, but this catalogue is also available upon request as a high-definition file for printing. The establishments, services and content presented in this catalogue have not been subject to a prior negotiation with the organisations listed. It is up to establishments in the cultural network and their partners to make contact with each organisation (contact details included at the bottom of each sheet) to find out the terms for the international distribution of these tools, or to begin a discussion with a view to a potential partnership.


In parallel to the distribution of this catalogue, the Institut français encourages establishments in the cultural network to organise professional meetings (online or in person) or exploratory trips for French professionals from the digital mediation and cultural innovation sector in order to promote future partnerships, cooperation or commissions abroad.


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A selection of organisations working in the digital mediation and cultural innovation sector 

France has a legitimate and recognised digital and cultural mediation and engineering sector due to its history of museums, heritage and tourist sites. It boasts an array of innovative fields, such as augmented guides, video mapping, interactive devices in museums, online experiences, augmented reality, interactive documentaries in virtual reality and more, forming a wide range of services, contents and tools that use new technologies and their uses to highlight and increase the accessibility of artistic and cultural creation and knowledge, as well as movable – major tourist sites – and immovable cultural heritage – French collections.

It is this expertise that is highlighted in the “Digital Mediation and Cultural Innovation” catalogue, by referencing French organisations working in this sector in order to encourage 
the commercialisation of their expertise abroad. 


Developed for partners of the French cultural network abroad

This catalogue is aimed at partners and representatives from the cultural network, including museums, heritage and tourist sites, cultural venues and public decision-makers looking to increase their audiences by responding to changes in their cultural practices and new use forms brought about by the digital revolution. Digital offers, services and tools allow new audiences to be reached, as well as enriching/creating/preparing and/or prolonging the experience of the spectator/visitor.


Practical summary sheets

This catalogue does not set out to be exhaustive, rather it presents a wide range of digital offers, contents and innovative cultural services that respond to the challenges of mediation and the need to increase visitor numbers to museums and heritage sites. Production and distribution of innovative, interactive and educational content, tools for promoting heritage and collections, visitor management and development tools, personalised technical devices and solutions – each organisation is presented in the form of a summary sheet describing its knowledge and expertise, its major work and its references. 


Promoting French expertise and encouraging international cooperation

With the support of the cultural network, the Institut français hopes that this catalogue will encourage partnerships between French organisations and international cultural institutions, by :

  • making it easier for French knowledge and expertise to be identified abroad;
  • offering concrete, recognised solutions to the increasing needs for digital innovation and mediation of partners of the French cultural network abroad. 
Meet the executives avec Agnès Alfandari - PiXii Festival
Meet the executives avec Agnès Alfandari - PiXii Festival