Jeux sonores © Sébastien Roux
Jeux sonores © Sébastien Roux

FOCUS New Music - Les Instants Fertiles

  • France
From 17 November 2022 to 20 November 2022
From 17 to 20 November 2022, the Institut français, Athénor - Centre national de création musicale and the Office National de Diffusion Artistique (ONDA) are hosting a Focus based on musical creation. This scouting tour will bring together a dozen international curators and will allow them to discover creations aimed at young audiences as well as projects linking art and science. Alongside this, the ONDA is organising an RIDA—Rencontres interrégionales et internationales de diffusion artistique (Interregional and International Meetings on Artistic Dissemination)—with the participation of some twenty French professionals.

Organised in Saint-Nazaire as part of the 10th edition of the Les Instants Fertiles festival, the Focus will highlight small performances, accessible to all, which will place the listener in the ideal conditions for listening, to offer a renewed experience of sound and space. Curators can discover Variations-Tempus#3 by Aurélie Maisonneuve and Philippe Foch, Jeux Sonores by Sébastien Roux or Cartographie de rythme/volet#3 by Karl Naegelen, Mathieu Delaunay and Fabrice Arnaud-Crémon.

A series of meetings with the artists will also be organised to allow for a more in-depth exchange and discussion of potential future cooperation. Exchanges between French and international professionals will also encourage collaboration and assist the international development of French musicians and composers.

The musical creation projects highlighted in the Focus will be the subject of dedicated support and special attention from the Institut Français, both with a view to improving distribution and strengthening collaboration with the guest curators.


Focus New Music - Les Instants Fertiles à St Nazaire programme