Mariana Brecht
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Mariana Brecht

  • France
From 23 August 2020 to 28 August 2020
Mariana Brecht is laureate 2020 of the VR writing residency of the French Institute and of the VR Arles festival.


Mariana Brecht was born in São Roque (SP) in 1990. She has a degree in Audiovisual with a specialization in screenwriting from the Universidade de São Paulo (ECA-USP) and a master's degree in International Cultural Strategies from Université de Toulouse. Doodling the walls or designing experiences in virtual reality, she is always looking for new ways to reinvent her voice. Today she works at ARVORE Experiences Immersive, where she co-wrote and worked as a narrative designer for "The Line". She is also the author of the novel “Brazza” (Editora Moinhos, 2021) and the interactive poetry book "Labirinto" (Editora Jandaíra, 2021).

She knows that love is the answer.  She is still looking for the question.


Residency Project

Hi Lilo is an




game for

VR and mobile

in which you embody a person or an AI. 


Hi Lilo is a love story between a human who believes that love is synonymous with having control over another being, and a virtual assistant striving to find their own personality, while programmed to love unconditionally.



Hi Loli / Mariana Brecht
Hi Loli
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