Oriane Hurard
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Oriane Hurard

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From 20 August 2018 to 28 August 2018
Oriane Hurard is laureate 2018 of the VR writing residency of the French Institute and of the VR Arles festival.


As a producer, Oriane Hurard has been working in the audiovisual and digital experience field for the past ten years.

She notably produced Isle of the Dead (2018) by Benjamin Nuel, and won Best Story VR Award at Venice. More recently, Meet Mortaza VR by Joséphine Derobe premiered at Venice VR Expanded 2020, and The Passengers, a multi-user narrative VR experience, has been selected at the 2021 SXSW & Tribeca festival editions. In 2021, Oriane joined the French immersive company ATLAS V as a senior producer.

Currently in development, Je suis un coeur d’artichaut is the first project she wrote and intends to direct.

Residency Project

Elsie is a young woman looking for sex & connection through the ups and downs of online dating, from one-night-stands to the promise of lasting love. Based on true dates, Je suis un coeur d'artichaut is an interactive VR rom-com set in the age of dating apps.   

The experience switches between linear sequences seen from Elsie’s POV and moments when the audience can make choices on behalf of Elsie. The audience can navigate between the 360° sphere divided into profiles in an intuitive and playful way.

Based on my own experiences on these apps and the people I met there, the project relates a universal story about love and desire from a feminist, modern point of view, offering the opportunity to portray a certain kind of masculinity - different from that of our fathers, but not yet that of the post #timesup generation.

Je suis un coeur d'artichaut, Oriane Hurard
Je suis un coeur d'artichaut
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