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© Alex Virapin

Performing arts FOCUS

  • France
From 9 July 2022 to 11 July 2022
The Institut français is partnering with three iconic venues from the OFF Festival, known for their artistic standards, their multidisciplinary programming and their ability to defend contemporary forms and writing: the Théâtre du Train Bleu (accompanied by La Magnanerie), La Manufacture and the Théâtre des Doms, to offer a tailor-made four-day tour from 9 to 11 July for a dozen international professionals.

This Performing Arts Focus will be an opportunity to highlight the unique artistic programmes of each of the partner venues, whose shows are translated and subtitled in English, and to offer the invited foreign programme managers specific thematic meetings.

This professional event is taking place in a context of intense recovery in the sector and the end of the financial crisis that has contributed to the extreme fragility of artistic practices in France and throughout the world. It appears all the more essential in a perspective of re-creating the link between contemporary French-speaking creation and audiences abroad. 

It is fundamental for the Institut français to be able to join forces with its privileged partners in Avignon to support the development of their professional networks and encourage the international distribution of the works being programmed. 

The programme includes :

Bob et moi, Alexandre Virapin - Dress Code, Compagnie Abis – Güven, Maxime Kurvers, Marie-José Malis et Marion Siéfert - L’Encyclopédiste, Frédéric Danos - Our Daily Performance, Giuseppe Chico et Barbara Matijevic - Say Yes, Nicolas Givran - Dans les bois, Compagnie Artra – Ice, Bahar Temiz – Koulounisation, Salim Djaferi – Forces, Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine et Vincent Lemaître - Sanctuaire Sauvage, Collectif Rafale - La Bombe humaine, Vincent Hennebicq et Eline Schumacher - État du monde : les chroniques, Valérie Cordy. 


Le Théâtre du Train Bleu, la Manufacture, le Théâtre des Doms, la ville d’Avignon.