Villa Kujoyama
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Visual arts

The Villa Kujoyama

French professionals / Foreign professionals
Built in 1992 by architect Kunio Kato on the Higashiyama mountain in Kyoto, the Villa Kujoyama is a place for interdisciplinary exchange and exists to strengthen intercultural dialogue between France and Japan.
Resident artists are asked to establish working relationships with the professional, academic, artistic and cultural environments of Kyoto, the Kansai region and the archipelago as a whole. To do this, they can rely on the Villa team and the French cultural network in Japan which in addition to the Villa includes the 5 Japanese branches of the Institut français (Fukuoka, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Yokohama), 4 Alliances Françaises (Nagoya, Sendo, Sendai, Tospin) and a Research Institute (Tokyo).

The Villa Kujoyama is an establishment of the Institut français of Japan. It is supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, which is its main sponsor, and the Institut français.

Next call for applications

The next call for applications for Villa Kujoyama will be launched in the first quarter of 2023 for residencies in 2024.

The Villa Kujoyama offers three distinct programmes



a French or foreign candidate residing in France for at least 5 years presents a research and creation project.


two French or foreign candidates residing in France for at least 5 years present a joint project.


a French or foreign candidate who has been residing in France for at least 5 years in collaboration with a Japanese candidate residing in Japan presents a joint project.  

Relevant Disciplines

  • architecture
  • landscape
  • urban planning
  • street arts
  • circus / puppets
  • digital arts / digital production
  • visual arts
  • comics / graphic novels
  • film / video art
  • criticism and curation
  • dance / performance
  • design / graphic design
  • gastronomy
  • books
  • crafts
  • fashion
  • classical music / contemporary music / new music / jazz
  • photography
  • theatre

2023 Laureates

Selected for their excellence in their respective disciplines, the projects of the 2023 laureates bear witness to a very close link with Japan and to the synergies developed by Villa Kujoyama, combining contemporary creation and crafts :

  • Tony JOUANNEAU (crafts)
  • Seulgi LEE (visual arts)
  • Sébastien PLUOT(curation)  
  • Pauline BRUN (dance)
  • Franck BLAIS et Karine ARABIAN (design)
  • Gérald VATRIN (crafts)
  • Aurélie PÉTREL et Vincent ROUMAGNAC (theatre)
  • Nathanaëlle RABOISSON (music)
  • Simon ROUBY et Native MAQARI (cinema)
  • Émilie RIGAUD (graphic design)
  • Anne LE TROTER (visual arts)
  • Blaise PERRIN (cinema)
  • Nathalie AZOULAI (books)
  • Teddy SANCHES (fashion)
  • Julie VACHER (digital arts)
  • Marie LABARELLE (fashion)
  • Louise HERVÉ et Clovis MAILLET (visual arts)
  • Ombline LEY et Quentin COULON (cinema)


Villa Kujoyama will also host two winners of the Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l’Intelligence de la Main®, for one-month stays: :

  • Fanny BOUCHER (crafts)
  • Grégoire SCALABRE (crafts)