Session régionale Labcitoyen
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Labcitoyen Regional Session

Public debate

Updated on 15/10/2019

Launched in 2013, the LabCitoyen programme allows around sixty young French-speakers from around the world between 20 and 26 years old who are committed to citizen-led initiatives to meet in Paris and address major human rights issues through a series of talks, discussions, round tables and workshops.

In order to follow up with former Labcitoyen participants, the Institut Français has decided to organise the first regional training session involving 15 former Labcitoyen participants from Latin America. This training will take place from 30th September to 4th October at the Institut français in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The training will be provided by two speakers from the Fédération Francophone des Débats, Romain Decharne (director of the association) and Nawel Bellour. 

The Fédération Francophone des Débats is an association dedicated to the promotion of rhetoric, public speaking, argumentation and debate in the Francophone world.

On the agenda

Public speaking, parliamentary debate, media training, press and public authority relations, the art of negotiation, the art of improvisation, the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and much more. The training will combine theoretical and practical workshops with role-playing exercises. During this training, several themes will be addressed through the theoretical and practical workshops including international policy, gender equality, the environment, human rights, education and even new technologies. 

The training will end with a public-speaking competition, in French of course!