Fabrique des résidences 2021

The 2021 Recipients of La Fabrique des Résidences


Updated on 14/09/2021

La Fabrique des Résidences is intended for Instituts Français, Alliances Françaises and Cultural Services of French Embassies. It supports residency programmes in the Network from the conception phase through to their implementation.

The Commission of the Fabrique des résidences met on 8 July 2021. The jury selected 14 projects from 19 applications received.


Bandung-St Etienne Design City Project

Bandung, Indonesia - Saint-Etienne, France / Joint residency in design

The objectives of this Franco-Indonesian joint residency are to put design at the heart of Franco-Indonesian cooperation using the experience and positioning of Bandung and St Etienne, UNESCO creative design cities. Bringing together stakeholders from cultural, academic, university and research fields, as well as associations and official institutions promoting design, the selected designers will benefit from ongoing support and complete immersion in the design ecosystem during the Biennales of Bandung in November 2021 and St Etienne in April 2022. The two-month residencies should provide an opportunity to discover, research and create sustainable design objects with a geographic perspective, using traditional and modern techniques and materials.

This Franco-Indonesian joint residency project is supported by key players in the world of design from the academic, associative, institutional, university and cultural sectors. Their close relationship with their city as well as their governmental or academic institutions ensures that the project is anchored in the territory and has a national influence.


Franco-Brazilian Residency - Villa Tijuca

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - France / Joint residency in dance

Named after the locality, Villa Tijuca is a project for a resource centre for residencies between France and Brazil, initiated by the Alliance Française de Rio de Janeiro. This "regional villa" is intended to be the gateway to a larger residency programme that could be extended to other cities in Brazil. It seeks to encourage and support co-creations between French and Portuguese-speaking artists in a spirit of cultural dialogue.

The first residency programme will be dedicated to the "performing arts" and is the result of a twinning between the network of Alliances Françaises of Brazil with Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse (Paris) and MC2: Grenoble - Maison de la Culture; in cooperation with FUNARTE in Brazil. Six projects will be selected with an artistic team including Brazilian and French artists. Each project will be hosted for one month in residence in Brazil and one month in residence in France in the partner venues. The first call for applications will be launched in October 2021 for residencies to be held in the first half of 2022.


CCFM artistic residencies 

Maputo, Mozambique / Residency in visual arts, dance and street arts

Based in Maputo, the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre (CCFM), as part of its mission to promote and disseminate French-speaking cultures, and to promote cooperation and exchange between cultures, is implementing a programme of artistic residencies in the fields of visual arts, dance and street arts.

Located in the heart of Maputo's historic district, the CCFM offers a 10,000 m² space dedicated to the dissemination of cultural diversity (French, Francophone and Mozambican). With more than 300 events a year, it is the leading cultural operator in Mozambique, recognized by the public for the quality of its programming and its facilities. The residency programme that the CCFM implements is based on exchanges with its many partners (festivals, other creative and performance venues, etc.), which allow the hosted artists to reflect on the reality of the Mozambican cultural scene.



France-Serbia Comics Residencies

Pancevo, Serbia - Angoulême, France / Comics Residency

This joint research and creation residency programme in comics and graphic novels is the first result of a cooperation agreement between the Institut français in Serbia, the Komunikart Association, the City of Pancevo and the Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image in Angoulême. A Serbian artist and a French artist are each hosted for two months in Angoulême and one month in Pancevo where they can meet and exchange with the local community. They are then reunited in Pancevo for the Nova Festival during which their work is displayed in an exhibition and a catalogue. The exhibition then travels to Belgrade — to the Museum of Applied Arts and the Institut français — and several Serbian festivals.



Villa van Eyck- Research residency

Maastricht, Netherlands / Multidisciplinary residency

The French Institute of the Netherlands and the Jan van Eyck Academy are offering a research residency open to French artists or artists living in metropolitan France and in the overseas departments and territories, starting in November 2021. This residency will take place over a period of 6 months, starting on 1 November 2021, at the prestigious Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. This residency is intended to give the means to a professional artist, from all creative fields, to develop original research in an environment conducive to reflection.



MUTEK digital creation residency

Mexico City, Mexico / Digital arts residency

Supported by the French Institute of Latin America in partnership with the MUTEK MX festival, this programme offers an artist or digital creator a residency in the creative district of La Roma in Mexico City, with the possibility of presenting the resulting work or work in progress during the MUTEK MX festival, as part of Novembre Numérique.

The MUTEK MX festival is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the dissemination and development of digital creations in the sound, music and audiovisual arts. Its mandate is to provide a platform for the most original and visionary artists currently working in their field, with the aim of offering new discoveries to audiences.



Artist Residency in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Quito, Ecuador / Visual Arts Residency

This residency programme in the Ecuadorian Amazon in the city of Macas is the first fruit of a cooperation agreement between the network of the Alliances françaises of Ecuador, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism and the city of Macas. Through this programme, the network of Alliances françaises in Ecuador creates a bridge between the Ecuadorian Amazon and the French contemporary art scene. This region of the world is one of the richest in terms of living biodiversity in all its forms. This artistic residency is an opportunity to investigate the fragility of these thousand-year-old ecosystems by offering a place of convergence between artistic practices, scientific research (biology-ecology) and Amazonian societies (Shuar, Achuar, etc.).


Arles-Penang joint residency

Penang, Malaysia - Arles, France / Multidisciplinary residency (joint residency)

This Arles-Penang joint residency programme aims to offer an exceptional working environment, in two UNESCO World Heritage cities, to Malaysian and French artists, curators and cultural entrepreneurs to explore and develop their creativity. This programme is part of a shared vision in France and Penang of an economy based on culture, artistic creation, the promotion of cultural diversity and debating of ideas. The participants in this joint residency will be invited to reflect on an artistic project that has a link with the local development of cultural and creative industries.



The Steppe Residency 

Kharkhorin, Mongolia / Multidisciplinary residency

The Steppe Residency is located in Kharkhorin, a Mongolian city with an important cultural heritage where the Ecrin / Erdenesiin Khuree Arts and Calligraphy Centre has just opened its doors, with the ambition of encouraging cultural diversity and artistic meetings. This programme will host one French artist annually at the Ecrin museum for a period of 6 weeks, allowing exchanges with traditional and modern Mongolian artists to develop creativity and intercultural knowledge.



France-Qatar cross residency in fashion and design

Doha, Qatar - Paris, France / Joint residency in fashion and design

This programme will allow French artists to be hosted in Qatar, and will open the door to Qatari artists to take up residency in a French organisation. This 3-month residency is aimed at artists, fashion designers and young entrepreneurs, and will be supported by the Qatari institutional partner M7, an entity attached to the Qatar Museums authority. The selected French designers will be hosted by the M7 and supported by professionals working for and collaborating with this organisation.  The partners in France are the Cité Internationale des Arts, whose experience in hosting residencies, particularly for foreign artists, is well known, and the Duperré school, recognised for its expertise in design, fashion and textiles. The combination of these two partners will make it possible to offer young Qatari designers an optimal residency to set up a creative project.



Druvi de Saram House

Colombo, Sri Lanka / Residency in architecture and music

The French Embassy in Sri Lanka and the Maldives and the Geoffrey Bawa trust are joining forces to offer the first residency programme in Sri Lanka for French artists. The Geoffrey Bawa Trust is a non-profit foundation established in 1982 to manage and preserve the architectural legacy of Geoffrey Bawa (1919-2003), while developing studies in architecture, visual arts and sustainable development. The influence of this 'starchitect' makes him one of the leading exponents of tropical modernism. The musician Druvi de Saram's home, which he renovated, will host the residency programme.

The programme will select a musician and an architect to reside in Colombo for a period of two months. A partial restitution of the selected artists' research and production work will be presented during the "French Spring Festival", a flagship cultural event presenting a dozen multidisciplinary events.



Villa Champollion

Alexandria, Egypt / Residency in visual arts (photography and digital arts)

The Villa Champollion is an artistic residency programme initiated and run by the French Institute of Egypt since 2019. This programme is dedicated to French artists or artists living in France, photographers, digital artists and is organised with the local partner B'Sarya, a residency, exhibition space and music recording studio based in Alexandria. The artist is hosted for two months in the autumn, during which time they are offered the opportunity to organise a presentation of their work in progress (open day in the studio, exhibition, workshop or master class), allowing them to meet Egyptian audiences and arts professionals.



Villa Dar El Qamar

Deir El Qamar, Lebanon / Multidisciplinary residency

The Khan al-Harir — symbol of historic Franco-Lebanese links, registered as a historic monument — and the adjoining synagogue are home to the Institut français in Deir El Qamar and have been hosting artists-in-residence since 2015. In partnership with the Hammana Artist House and Zoukak Theatre Company, by creating Villa Dar El Qamar the Institut français in Lebanon wanted to develop the offer of multidisciplinary residences around two programmes: a first for Lebanese artists and a second – supported by the Fabrique des Résidences – for French artists or artists who have been resident in France for at least 5 years, solo or duo with a Lebanese artist. These research and creation residencies of one to three months will be an opportunity for the recipients to make contact with the local cultural fabric and regional audiences.



Residency in Jeju

Jeju, Korea / Visual Arts Residency

Located 85km south of the Korean peninsula, Jeju Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. While many cultural spaces are already established there, the project led by the French Embassy in partnership with Dongwon Construction Co. is the first artists' residence on the island. With no production objective, but intended as a place of research for the development of artistic practice, this programme allows French artists and creators to develop a personal project or a collaborative project with Korean artists.