The Digital Factory of Multilingualism: the winners of the Tunisian pilot programme Yallab

French language
Digital creation

Updated on 04/04/2023

The Digital Factory of Multilingualism is an incubator for digital entrepreneurs offering innovative applications for language learning. The Factory is made up of a steering committee in France bringing together players in education, the French-speaking world and innovation, and is based on individual Factories deployed abroad, commissioned by institutions in the French cultural network abroad.

The Yallab pilot project

Launched by the Institut français of Tunisia, Yallab is the first Factory supported by the cultural network. This pilot experiment, currently in progress, takes the form of a laboratory for the production and experimentation of innovative language learning offers. It is supported by cross-disciplinary Franco-Tunisian teams bringing together digital entrepreneurs, experts and researchers from the cognitive sciences, education and French as a foreign language.

Three innovative projects were selected as part of a call for proposals; they are currently in the prototyping phase and from the beginning of 2021 will be tested in six classes in Tunisia before being deployed more widely.

These new learning solutions are aimed at remote learners and offer an accessible, innovative and fun approach to language learning that combines French with local languages, strengthening multilingualism and multiculturalism and offering learners new professional opportunities.