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(1922-2022) - L’Institut français célèbre 100 ans de diplomatie culturelle !
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(1922-2022) The Institut français celebrates 100 years of cultural diplomacy!

All over the world, from the AFAA (Association française d'action artistique) to CulturesFrance, now part of the Institut français, we are happy to make known the ideas, works and expertise of French creators who are always eager to enrich themselves and flourish in the company of other cultures. 

Updated on 17/10/2022

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The Institut français

The Institut français is a public institution responsible for French cultural actions abroad. The Institut français, under the aegis of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, actively contributes to France’s soft diplomacy. Its projects and programs take local contexts into account and can be successfully implemented thanks to the vast network of the French Embassies’ cultural services, as well as the many Instituts français and Alliances Françaises present across five continents. 

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