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La Fabrique des résidences 2023
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8 new projects supported by La Fabrique des résidences!

Since its creation in 2018, La Fabrique des résidences has developed 30 research and creation residency projects in 24 countries over 5 editions, giving 140 artists the opportunity to go on residency. 
Last year, 8 new projects were selected to benefit from structuring support over three years. 


Updated on 15/02/2024

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La Fabrique des résidences is aimed at all the french cultural network (Instituts français, Alliances Françaises and bi-national centres), whatever their geographical location. Its aim is to support the cultural network from the design stage through to the implementation of new permanent residency programmes, or during the development phase of an existing programme. 

The call for projects has been redesigned for 2023 with a view to providing multi-year funding over three years to enable the French cultural network worldwide to : 

  • Develop a set of best practices for hosting artists and creators in residency;
  • Structure their residency programme over time and within their territory;
  • Implement a development dynamic and build partnerships to ensure the long-term future of the residency programme;
  • To join, in the medium term, a network of residencies within the diplomatic network where experience, skills and communication initiatives can be shared.

The 8 winning projects in 2023

  • Southeast Asia Residency Route - Villa Marguerite Duras, French Institute of Cambodia for Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand 

Discipline: books and photography

Project summary: Created in 2022 on the basis of a partnership between the Villa Saigon in Vietnam and the Villa Marguerite Duras in Cambodia, the Route des résidences writing residency opened its doors to photography in 2023.  With this new project, submitted as part of La Fabrique des résidences 2023, the French Institutes of Vietnam and Cambodia have joined forces with the French Institute of Thailand, which runs the Villa Chiang Mai, to give a new regional dimension to the Route des résidences in the heart of the Mekong Delta, so dear to Marguerite Duras, from Ho Chi Minh City to the Prey Nop plain, her native land and the source of her writing.


  • Villa Swagatam, French Institute in India 

Discipline: literature, performing arts and crafts

Project summary: Villa Swagatam was born out of a desire to structure the cultural cooperation activities of the French Institute in India differently, both nationally and regionally (South Asia). Building on the success of the first edition - which will welcome 17 residents from the summer of 2023 to the summer of 2024 - Villa Swagatam is now embarking on a change of scale with the addition of two new residencies (Bhopal and Hampi), 5 additional residencies with neighbouring countries (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal) and, in terms of international dialogue, by expanding to around ten French residencies which will welcome Indian and South Asian residents throughout the 2024-2025 academic year. 


  • Villa Al Qamar, French Institute of Lebanon

Discipline: multidisciplinary

Project summary: The Villa Al Qamar was launched as a new tool for dialogue between France and Lebanon, a means of offering local artists and residents a vital breathing space by encouraging exchanges of expertise in all fields and disciplines. Since its first edition in 2021, the Villa Al Qamar has welcomed French artists in solo or duo projects with Lebanese artists from all disciplines, for stays of 1 to 3 months. Initially based in the Chouf in Deir el Qamar, the programme has been extended since 2022 to the north, in Tripoli, and to the south of Lebanon, in Saida, and aims to consolidate its existence in Lebanon. 


  • Restructuring of the IFM residency programme, French Institute of Morocco

Discipline: multidisciplinary 

Project summary: The aim of the project is to restructure the artistic residency programme at the Institut français du Maroc (IFM), which was launched in 2012 and is aimed at French-speaking artists, in line with the best practices developed by La Fabrique des résidences: introduction of residency allowances, reflection on residency reception with training for agents, introduction of post-residency support. 


  • Résidences itinérantes nordiques (Nordic travelling residencies), French Institute of Norway for Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden

Discipline: multidisciplinary 

Project summary: The French Institutes of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland have joined forces to create an original and atypical Nordic Itinerant Residence, both in terms of content and form. In terms of form: a slow-motion residency with an itinerant itinerary, based on soft forms of transport - train, bus, boat. The idea is to develop a residence that is as low-carbon as possible, avoiding the need to travel by plane. In terms of content: time and space as materials, the residency is based on movement and the specific characteristics of the area as a creative force.


  • Réseau de résidences en Nouvelle-Zélande (Network of residencies in New Zealand), Alliance Française of Palmerston North

Discipline: multidisciplinary (literature, arts and science, visual arts, screen arts)

Project summary: The project aims to create new synergies and give visibility to the Franco-New Zealand relationship in the cultural field, in the context of the growing importance of the French Indo-Pacific strategy in the country and its Pacific region. The 4 artists' residencies in New Zealand will help to promote France's cultural and creative industries. The creation of an identified network around them should provide greater visibility and networking between the various partners.


  • Residencies in comics and animated film - Ljubljana and Angoulême, UNESCO Creative Cities, French Institute of Slovenia

Discipline: comics and animated film

Project summary: This cross-residency project is based on the UNESCO Creative Cities network, within which Angoulême and Ljubljana are committed to promoting literature and cooperating at an international level. Both have a strong focus on the comics and animation sectors: Angoulême is a benchmark in these fields and Ljubljana organises 2 international festivals each year, Tinta (comics) and Animateka (animation).


  • "Villa Formose" residency programme, project submitted by SCAC Taipei (EAF)

Discipline: multidisciplinary

Project summary: This residency programme, which began in 2023, aims to develop with three new partners: the National Museum of Literature in Taiwan, on the "Taiwan literature base" site in Taipei; the National Fine Arts Museum in Taichung; and the Wang'an Traditional Houses complex, located on an island in the Pescadores archipelago (Penghu), in a traditional coral village recently renovated by the county, the Village of Flowers. 

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