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9ème Rêve
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9ème Rêve: a collection of 9 comics from Benin published by Ruisseaux d'Afrique

In response to a call for expressions of interest in 2022, Éditions Ruisseaux d'Afrique, the Bénin Dessins collective of illustrators and INFRE (Institut National pour la Formation et la Recherche en Éducation) formed a consortium to produce a collection of comics in Benin. 

Updated on 05/10/2023

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A multi-stakeholder initiative in the Benin children's book industry

The "9ème Rêve" collection is the fruit of this multi-stakeholder, participatory experiment and illustrates the transformation of the children's book industry in Benin. It redefines the way comics are conceived, produced and received. 

Long regarded as a medium for entertainment only, these comics from Benin explore new depths and new formats. Each title is created by a different artist and offers an independent story exploring a variety of themes ranging from the mystical to the contemporary, also taking in local folklore. The comics in this collection are windows onto unique worlds whose graphic precision and storytelling have received tailor-made support. 

Tailor-made support

Under the artistic direction of Christian Cailleaux, "9ème Rêve" transcends the boundaries of graphic art and storytelling to create a space where culture, dreams and creativity come together. This collection is a powerful testament to the power of comics to inspire, question and unite, while celebrating the cultural treasures of Benin. Christian Cailleaux has brought together Benin's emerging and established author-illustrators to create a mosaic of visual narratives that capture the very essence of Benin. "9ème Rêve" showcases a variety of storytelling styles and techniques, reflecting the dynamism of graphic design in Benin. From the realistic drawings of Constant Tonakpa to the more abstract illustrations of Hector Sonon, each comic offers a different perspective on the world. Each is a visual and narrative journey through the artists' imaginations, celebrating Benin's traditions, legends and contemporary issues. 

A project supported by Ressources éducatives Bénin

Since 2021, Benin has been a pilot country for the Ressources éducatives project for the "Lire pour apprendre" component supported by the Institut français. As part of the project, public and private stakeholders in the Beninese publishing industry are taking steps to develop the production and distribution of children's literature in the country. 

Lylly Houngnihin, coordinatrice du projet Ressources éducatives au Bénin, nous parle du projet
Lylly Houngnihin, coordinatrice du projet Ressources éducatives au Bénin, nous parle du projet
The Ressources Éducatives project

The Ressources Éducatives project, initiated and financed by AFD, has been implemented by UNESCO and the Institut français since 2020. It aims to give young african people access to a range of quality educational resources. 

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