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A family discovery of French digital creation with IFdigital!

One year ago, the Institut français launched IFdigital, the website for French digital design. Digital art, video games, innovative books, web design and immersive experiences: IFdigital presents the best of French design and professionals in these innovative sectors of the cultural and creative industries, in order to promote French creation internationally.

On the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations, discover innovative creative formats adapted to young audiences.

Published on 19/12/2022

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The IFdigital platform presents a variety of French creations, some of which are adapted to young audiences. Innovative comics or novels, video games, augmented reality experiences, ... interactive stories come to life for an even more intense experience, both fun and educational for the little ones! Digital creation is also the field of hybrid creations, combining digital with amazing physical experiences : dance performances, concerts, unidentified artistic objects, and other formats take place in venues, as an invitation to share these experiences with other children and families! 

Discover a selection of works for families on IFdigital! 

IFdigital, a website serving the digital cultural and creative industries!

IFdigital, the website for French digital design, aims to support the distribution of French productions internationally, encourage the export of know-how, and promote international exchanges and co-productions. 

It offers the establishments of the French cultural network abroad (Instituts français, Alliances françaises, Embassy cultural services) and foreign cultural professionals a powerful tool for discovering and programming French digital creations. 

Designed by the Institut français and its partners, the Selections showcase the richness and diversity of French digital creation and are a source of inspiration for programming. 

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Are you a French professional in the field of digital design wishing to make yourself known or to make your creations known internationally? Publish your listing on the site! 


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