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Swahili Esports Champions 2023
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Africa Esports Champions: a partnership between SAGES and the Institut français

As part of the Création Africa programme, SAGES and the Institut français have partnered to develop a strategy for creating a regional dynamic to structure the esport ecosystem in Africa, starting with the Sahel Esports Champions project in November 2022. 

Updated on 12/04/2024

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Strategy for creating a regional dynamic to structure the Esport ecosystem

Building on this momentum, a new regional initiative has been launched in East Africa, "Swahili Esports Champions 2023", as part of the Nairobi Comic Convention (NAICCON), in collaboration with the Institut français and the Alliance française in Nairobi, and with the support of the French embassies, institutes and alliances of Benin, Madagascar, Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. 

The Swahili Esports Champions initiative represents a significant turning point in the promotion of esports and gender equality in the video games industry in Africa. This competition, the first all-female esport competition on the continent, has brought together many of Africa's most influential female figures. 

SAGES and the French Institute hope to perpetuate this dynamic by initiating short and medium-term actions. 

Africa Esports Champions

Creation of the Esport Talent Academy

For 2024, this means setting up the "Esport Talent Academy": a coaching programme for the 8 players of the Swahili Esports Champions 2023 with the aim of developing their leadership and providing them with the keys to effective collaboration with other sectors of the cultural and creative industries (CCI). 

The eight-month programme includes periods of immersion and online training, led by African and/or French experts in personal development, communication (corporate, digital, personal branding, etc.) and business management (opportunities in esports, project structuring, business models, etc.). 

Africa Esports Champions

New stages ahead!

And secondly, by organising new stages of the Esports Champions, which will be supported by operators from the Esports ecosystem. The next one is scheduled to take place in Central Africa. It will be hosted by the Manga and Geek Days in Kinshasa (DRC) in November 2024, initiated by Krystel Kalanga, Director of Effektive studio and speaker at the Swahili Esports Champions 2023 Business Meeting. 

Swahili Esports Champions 2023 - The Competition
Swahili Esports Champions 2023 - The Competition
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