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Open-studio collectif à la Cité internationale des arts
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Collective open-studio at the Cité internationale des arts

18 artists in residence at the Cité internationale des arts open the doors to their workshops. Coming from all over the world, they will share with the public their work in progress and their experiences of residency in France.

Updated on 27/04/2022

2 min

On 17 December, artists in residence at the Cité internationale des arts, with the support of the Institut français, will open the doors of their workshops to the general public for an evening of artistic exchanges and discoveries. These open studios will enable artists to show off their work in situ at the end of a residence that would have lasted between three and six months.

The evening opens at 18:30 with a performance by Hugo de Almeida Pinho, "The Seeing Eye. Rear Window Real Window" at la Petite Galerie where the artist is exhibiting until 3 January. Visitors will then be able to tour workshops at the Cité internationale des arts.

To preview the work of some of these artists, visit the artists' portfolio.


Practical information

17 December 2019

18:30 to 21:30

Ateliers de la Cité internationale des arts (18 Rue de l'Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris)

Free entry subject to availability

Artists to discover

Vinko Möderndorfer (Slovenia)

Book / Workshop 2011-A

A Slovenian writer, director and producer, Vinko Möderndorfer spent his time in Paris writing an essay on contemporary French drama and theatre, while continuing to write a new novel, Deadlock, whose plot is set in communist Yugoslavia from the 1950s until its collapse in the 1990s.


Joubeen Mireskandari (2019) and Sogol Ahmadieh Kashani (Iran)       

Photography & painting / Workshop 5411

Joubeen Mireskandari photographs subjects in his studio, while simultaneously capturing their images in the city to reveal portraits with multiple faces. The portrait photography in his studio becomes a Freudian mirror where the attitudes and mental states of his subjects are revealed, while the lens of his camera recounts their social and cultural backgrounds.

Artist and painter Sogol Ahmadieh Kashani focuses his work on human issues in different societies, through the lens of emotions such as loneliness or bewilderment. She specifically explores the impact of urban environments and populated spaces on the way different beings live, using a language that is at once abstract and inclusive.


Hemant Sreekumar (India)

Digital Arts / Workshop 8110

Hemant Sreekumar is currently working on emerging collaborative listening strategies which create more permeable boundaries between performers and listeners, artists and audiences. Performances, prints, works based on light, etc.: his work responds to the concepts of decay, generative bias and semantic loss.


Cecilia Szalkowicz (Argentina)

Visual Arts / Workshop 8123

As an artist, graphic designer, photographer and editor, in her workCecilia Szalkowicz explores the use of images, the construction of narratives, the presentation of works of art in exhibitions – pieces that build their own conditions of perception and become experiences.


Hugo De Almeida Pinho (Portugal)      

Visual Arts / Workshop 8124

Hugo de Almeida Pinho combines theoretical research with metaphorical statements, developing an artistic practice that takes into account the nature of images and their ability to alter reality and perception. Working primarily on specific cultural, historical and sociopolitical contexts through a variety of mediums, the artist's work aims to reflect the historical construction of how technology shapes our perception.

Performance / Petite Galerie, 17  and 19 December at 18.00

Open-studio / Workshop 8124, 17 December from 19h to 21h

Exhibition / Petite Galerie from 17 December to 3 January 2020


Anna Rotaenko (Russia)          

Video Art / Workshop 8207

Anna Roatenko works with new media, creating video art, performances and complete installations. Her art addresses everyday life in a big city, in search of the gaps and failures caused by the imposition of social norms. Her "Magic precautions" project includes an installation made up of plastic and plexiglass found on the streets, a graphic series and a "home video art theatre." 


Carl-Oskar Linné (Sweden)

Visual Arts / Workshop 8211

Carl-Oskar Linné's projects use places as their starting point. The visual artist and photographer collects texts, slogans, interviews, reports and statistics, which he pairs with visual elements. His works often take the form of sculptural signs. They often feature the themes of urban planning, property speculation and poverty.


Naoki Miyasaka (Japan)

Visual Arts / Workshop 8215

As part of research on the concept of space depending on its perception, the Japanese artist worked on the Modulor theory designed by Le Corbusier and applied it to the bodily dimensions of individuals.


Joël Karekezi (Rwanda)

Cinema / Workshop 8218

After La Miséricorde de la Jungle (The Mercy of the Jungle), which won him the Yennenga Gold Standard at FESPACO in February 2019, the Rwandan director is developing a new feature film project that recounts the story of Captain Mbaye Felix Ndiagne, a UNAMIR soldier on a peacekeeping mission in Rwanda in 1994.


Anastasiia Marakulina (Russia)

Visual Arts / Workshop 8305

Visual artist Asya Marakulina presents her project “Leçons de français“(“Lessons in French”), a series of intuitive graphics that showcase her experience learning French on mobile apps.         


Feng Li (China)

Photography / Workshop 8415

Feng Li is the creator of the series of photographs White Night, which began in 2005. Through daily scenes from the city of Chengdu, he delicately captures human and urban wildlife in all its forms. His work White Night (2017) was nominated for the Aperture PhotoBook Awards and won the Jimei x Arles Discovery Award. His works were exhibited at the Rencontres d'Arles in 2018.


Juana Garcia Pozuelo Barrios (Spain)

Paint / Workshop 8421

In Paris, Juana García-Pozuelo is developing pictorial works around the Museum of Romantic Life and its collection. The artist and painter has always been interested in the relationship between a building and its inhabitants, as well as in tracing the meanings certain people have attributed to places that would otherwise remain anonymous.


Jean D'Amérique (Haiti)

Theatre / Workshop 8209

A writer and performer born in Haiti in 1994, Jean D’Amérique worked in Paris writing a play focused on gender-based violence, religious dogmatism and freedom-destroying social norms in modern societies, Avilir les ténèbres  (Brighten the Dark).


Elemawusi Agbedjidji (Togo)

Theatre / Workshop 8324

Actor, director and author Elemawusi Agbedjidji continued writing “Tromelin, la chute infinie des soleils” ( "Tromelin, the Infinite Fall of the Suns") in Paris, based on the story of a shipwreck on the island of Tromelin in the Indian Ocean in 1761, and the crew's abandonment of 160 Malagasy slaves - only a few survived and were rescued 15 years later.


Yuck Miranda (Mozambique)

Theatre / Workshop 8408

Actor, director and performer, Yuck Miranda has worked at the Cité internationale des arts on the staging of authentic testimonies of people from discriminated and marginalised sexual minorities, using visual arts, theatrical performance and documentary.


Seun Olota (Nigeria)

Contemporary Music / Workshop 8503

The musician worked in Paris on his project “Kere O!” focusing on the difficulties encountered by the Niger Delta community, a victim of pollution linked to oil exploitation by multinationals.


Marcelle Sandrine Bengono (Cameroon)

Theatre / Workshop 8510

A Cameroonian author, actor and singer, Marcelle Sandrine Bengono's residency project “De l’autre côté de moi” ("On the Other Side of Me") is a text in search of men's words that illustrate women's troubles.


The Institut français and the project

The 18 residents are awardees of the Cité Internationale des Arts Residences programme or the Visas programme for the Institut français.


70 winners are welcomed each year as part of the residency programme at the Cité Internationale des Arts. Find out more about residencies at the Cité Internationale des Arts


Visas pour la Création (Visas for Creation) supports emerging artists in Africa and the Caribbean through residencies in mainland France and its overseas territories. Find out more about Visas pour la Création


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