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Digital arts: the Institut français signs a multi-year agreement with the HACNUM network

On 21 January, the Institut français signed a multi-year agreement with HACNUM, the network of hybrid arts and digital cultures, to promote synergies for the international development of French cultural and creative industries. 

Updated on 25/01/2023

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As part of its mission to support the dissemination of artistic creation and the export of French cultural industries, the Institut français promotes French digital creation and encourages contact between French and foreign professionals, in order to support the export of works and expertise in this sector, develop co-productions, and open up new markets for these industries. 

Thanks to the cross-sectoral position of its member structures, the HACNUM network aims to support transformation in the cultural sector and to act as a catalyst in the regions to bring culture into the paradigm of digital transition. The network is committed to a collaborative work dynamic to develop the recognition and professionalisation of the sectors associated with contemporary digital creation regionally, nationally and internationally. 

This agreement aims to give structure to the international activities of French stakeholders in digital creation and to encourage dialogue between French and foreign professionals. §It defines common lines of action, notably concerning the reinforced visibility of French digital creation among international professionals and the French cultural network abroad. This will be achieved mainly through the IFdigital website, the promotion of French digital creation within the framework of Institut français highlights as well as the sharing of expertise to support the French digital creation export strategy. 

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De gauche à droite : Géraldine Taillandier (Vice-présidente de HACNUM), Céline Berthoumieux (Présidente de HACNUM), Emilie Boucheteil (Directrice de la création artistique et des industries culturelles à l'Institut français), Olivier Delpoux (Responsable du pôle création numérique et audiovisuelle à l'Institut français)
© Hugo Bougoin

The signing of this agreement took place during the professional events organised to mark the closure of Chroniques, the digital imagination biennale. Emilie Boucheteil, Director of artistic creation and cultural industries at the Institut français and Céline Berthoumieux, President of the HACNUM network, signed the agreement during a morning of discussions bringing together a large panel of HACNUM members. 

Chroniques, the biennial event for Digital Imaginations, is organised by SECONDE NATURE and ZINC, associations that have been working for many years to promote and encourage contemporary creation, understand the world in the digital era and help the public to appropriate technologies in order to develop creativity and encourage emancipation. 

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