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programme PARI! en arts visuels
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Discover the structures supported by the PARI! visual arts programme

Since June of this year, the Institut français has been supporting eight organisations in their international development through the PARI! programme for 2023-2024. 

Published on 02/11/2023

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What is the PARI! programme?

Launched in 2018 by the French Ministry of Culture and coordinated by the On the Move network, this programme aims to help performing arts and music organisations (companies, groups, collectives, ensembles, etc) and visual arts organisations (networks, federations, residency centres, regional structures, etc) to launch or redeploy their international strategy around five main themes: artistic mobility, networking, cultural cooperation, transmission and dissemination. 

The main idea behind PARI! is to gain an overview of the international scene and its development potential for the supported organisations.

Over the course of a 12-month cycle, beneficiary organisations are supported by French and foreign resource contacts, collectively and individually, according to their specific needs. 

Programme PARI! en arts visuels

Find out more about the 8 supported organisations


Réseau Air de midi - art contemporain en Occitanie

Air de Midi brings together professionals and stakeholders in contemporary art in the Occitanie region. Comprising a range of organisations (art centres, festivals, FRACs, museums, associations, etc), its mission is to bring together contemporary art operators, and to support and promote all those working in the fields of creation, training and professional integration in fine arts and visual arts.


BOTOX(S) - réseau d’art contemporain Alpes & Riviera

BOTOX(S), a platform for exchange, aims to showcase the vitality and richness of the Côte d'Azur's creative talent, by disseminating and promoting contemporary art among cultural institutions in France and abroad.


CPGA - Le Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art

The CPGA provides its members, from antique dealers to contemporary art galleries, with information, advice and the defence of shared interests among the relevant authorities. It is committed to promoting the central role of galleries in the artistic and cultural environment by drawing on their specific characteristics, their expertise and their work to promote artists and artistic trends.


C-E-A - Association française des commissaires d’exposition

The purpose of this association is to bring together people working as curators of contemporary art exhibitions in France and to create a platform for reflection, promotion and the organisation of actions and projects related to this activity. It helps to promote the work of curators in France, Europe and internationally.


Fédération de l’Art Urbain

The Fédération de l'Art Urbain supports those involved in urban art, in particular artists, associations, professionals and non-professionals. It encourages the artistic recognition of urban art and its practices, offering greater visibility and protection while emphasising its uniqueness.


DDA La Réunion - Documents d'Artistes

Documents d'Artistes La Réunion is a research tool designed to give visibility to the region's artistic activity and the richness and diversity of its creative output through active, in-depth and editorial documentation. Dossiers are produced in collaboration with the artists and are regularly updated to keep track of the development of their productions and reflect the uniqueness of their work.


Artistik Rézo Caraïbes

Artstik Rézo Caraïbes is an engineering agency in Martinique, driven by the "Migration retour" project, a scheme set up by the Martinique Region at the end of 2014 to boost the return of young people through the entrepreneurial sphere. Le Rézo embodies a shared sense of collective interest, pooling the skills of professional stakeholders and tool developers to optimise the region's visibility and report on its dynamism.



Contemporaines is an organisation that fights to offer equal opportunities, better representation and equivalent remuneration for women contemporary artists. It supports artists in their careers by promoting their artistic creations. The association supported over 350 artists through its actions in 2020.

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