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Djazaïr’Docs - Tournage en Algérie
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KRYSALIDE DIFFUSION (Lille, France) and NVA - NOUVELLE VAGUE ALGERIENNE (Souk Ahras, Algeria) have created the DJAZAÏR'DOCS programme to strengthen and promote innovative documentary creation in Algeria. The Institut français and the City of Lille have jointly supported this project, including a writing residency held in Tlemcen (Algeria), Lille's partner city, in July 2022. 

Updated on 19/12/2022

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DJAZAÏR'DOCS seeks to strengthen the professional development of emerging Algerian talent within a comprehensive programme framework, from writing to editing, to broadcasting and accompanying the films at public screenings and talks in Algeria, France and at numerous partner festivals around the world. It is a collective programme that relies on the participation of Algerian, Senegalese and French film and audiovisual professionals experienced in the documentary field to support all stages of this action. "DJAZAÏR'DOCS” is an alternative and complementary scheme to support existing documentary creation in Algeria. 

This year, 6 Algerian filmmakers have been selected for their personal commitment, the quality of their projects and their cinematographic potential: Allia Louiza Belamri, Ghyzlène Boukaïla, Mourad Hamla, Rima Kerkebane, Assia Khemici and Khaled Khemis.

During the writing residency in Tlemcen, the four Algerian authors were accompanied by the Senegalese director and producer Mamadou Sellou Diallo throughout their creative process to lead them from the kernel of an idea to the creation of a film project. 

The week-long shoots took place successively in several Algerian cities. The filmmakers were accompanied by a technical team of experienced documentary image and/or sound professionals. 

Tournage en Algérie © NVA-KD2022
Tournage en Algérie © NVA-KD2022
Tournage en Algérie © NVA-KD2022
Tournage en Algérie © NVA-KD2022
Tournage en Algérie © NVA-KD2022
Résidence à Tlemcen © NVA-KD2022
Résidence à Tlemcen © NVA-KD2022

The films produced by the DJAZAÏR'DOCS 2022 programme will constitute a first unique collection of works that will offer new views on contemporary Algeria. They will then be widely distributed in Algeria as part of a plan to promote the works in 2023. The films will also be presented at partner festivals in Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Egypt and Senegal. 



Directed by: Mourad Hamla

Cinematography: Mourad Hamla / Sound: Houcine Mellal

Filmed in Azzazga and Algiers

Synopsis: Remdane, Nassim and Amina are three artists, differing in their disciplines and their approach. However, they follow similar psychological paths in their artistic activity. Through their journey, we will discover what happens to the artist at a psychological level during the production of their work up to its final form where the artist will face an audience almost completely absent in Algeria. "What Art Doesn't Say" is a personal desire to make a film that denounces the hypocrisy of audiences, and highlights the fragility of the act of creating, and the vulnerability of the artist. The film follows three protagonists who make up a single avatar (the film's character), representing the creators of the works and the work itself, which says out loud what we think deep inside.



Directed by: Assia Khemici

Cinematography: Sonia Kessi / Sound: Assia Khemici

Filmed in Timimoun

Synopsis: "Khamsinette" is a return journey to Timimoun in the Algerian Sahara. I first encountered this city while making an audio documentary. I came back to put images to these sounds. I return to Timimoun by the main thoroughfare of el Mendjour, which still calls to me, where I hear the voices of Hadja Meryama and her neighbours who, after their work in the vegetable garden, welcome me into their circle. It is a first encounter with the Zénète culture and a language that is disappearing because of a lack of transmission.



Directed by: Khaled Khemis

Cinematography: Khaled Khemis / Sound: Azdine Abdessalem

Filmed in Batna 

Synopsis: Amani is a strong young woman: She is albino and visually impaired. The film takes us on a special human journey to create a social experiment in the framework of an installation, that tells her own story but also puts people to the test so that they attempt to feel in this sound, visual and tactile installation what it is like to lose their sight. The film also tells the story of a young woman, Amani, who has transcended her disability and overcome the difficulties of being an albino to become an exceptional woman.



Directed by: Rima Kerkebane

Filmed in Algiers 

Synopsis: Estere is a young woman aged 24, she is the mother of David, 6, and Rose, 1 month. She is Congolese and lives in Algiers. She came to Algeria at the age of 14 by crossing the desert. She now lives with her family in a large house with a Congolese and Cameroonian community. This film offers us the gentle testimony of this courageous mother filled with hope through this fragile, warm place full of solidarity, humanism and atmosphere.



Directed by: Allia Louiza Belamri

Filmed in Algiers

Synopsis: This film is a portrait of Jbaliqs, a young Algerian artist and student, passionate about linguistic sociology, with a look straight out of a photo of old Algiers. Followed on social networks under the pseudonym Jbaliqs, he brings traditional Andalusian and Chaabi music up to date with the freshness and audacity of youth thanks to his original, funny and offbeat productions. By following Jbaliqs in his walks and musical encounters, we discover old Algiers, its deep soul, its vestiges, its offbeat youth, its old people who preserve as much as they can the music and oral traditions, living words but little known. We also meet Wassim, the young man behind the artist; torn between his love of traditions and heritage and his thirst for the unknown and renewal... The desire for exile burns in the artist when loneliness invades him and he feels rejected and misunderstood by his parents and his family. His case is not isolated.
 Wassim represents the torment of a large number of Algerians torn between their love for traditions and heritage and their quest for the unknown and renewal.

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