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« Face à la guerre - dialogues européens » à Prague, le 14 novembre 2023
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"European Dialogues" in Warsaw on 11 and 12 March 2024

Following on Prague and Vilnius at the autumn 2023, the new series of public debates entitled "In the face of war - European Dialogues" initiated by the Institut français is making a stopover in the Polish capital. Around the theme of "Research and the stakes of knowledge in the face of war", and in the presence of some thirty European guests, two days of discussion, accessible and open to all, will be organised in a variety of formats and several venues in Warsaw. 

Updated on 07/03/2024

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What European history do we share? In Riga, Madrid, Sarajevo or Dublin, what narratives support the link to European integration and the European project? What historical figures and major events are we referring to here and there to talk about Europe? What awareness do we have of it elsewhere? 

These and other questions have taken on a new urgency since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Geopolitical balances are shifting, as well as the mental map of the continent, with renewed focus on Europe's eastern border. In a context marked by both instability and transition, there is an urgent need to promote a better understanding of "what's happening here and there".

The "In the face of war - European Dialogues" project initiated by the Institut français aims precisely to open up frameworks for discussion that will enable us both to better understand local contexts and to address the upheavals underway in Europe. Experts and professionals from Europe and other parts of the world, from academia, research, think tanks, media and culture, are invited to share their views in formats that facilitate direct interaction with representatives of civil society and the general public.

Two stages have already taken place in Prague as part of the Prague European Summit and in Vilnius on the theme of "Culture and the Imagination in the Face of War" in autumn 2023, with speakers including Oleksandra Matviichuk, co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2022, Luuk van Middelaar, Dutch geopolitical expert, Constantin Sigov, Ukrainian philosopher, and Thomas Gomart, Director of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI). Nearly 40 speakers and moderators from 12 European countries took part in these sessions. 


Research and the stakes of knowledge in the face of war

In Warsaw on 11 and 12 March, the focus will be on "Research and the stakes of knowledge in the face of war". The aim is to understand how much the outbreak of war on the European continent is shaking up the production and dissemination of knowledge and information. Speakers from around ten European countries will be debating topics such as "Europe and the unthought war", "The eastern frontier in the European imagination", "Is the future of research being played out in the East", "Where is Europe? Narratives and the stakes of memory", "How to conduct an investigation in wartime", "The day after the war", etc. 

In a café-debate format hosted by Ouest-France and Gazeta Wyborcza, journalists will discuss the challenge of "Writing the war" in the face of the long time that has passed.The Zachęta National Art Gallery will also be hosting a round-table discussion on the issue of gender in war, while the reportage Institute will be dedicating a segment to war reporting, with journalist and author Olivier Weber. 

Confirmed guests : Anna Colin-Lebedev, Université Paris-Nanterre ; Françoise Daucé, EHESS in Paris ; Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe ; Nadia Hachimi-Alaoui, Centre Jacques Berque in Rabat ; Dagmara Jajeśniak-Quast, Viadrina Center for Polish and Ukrainian Stories ; Natalia Otrishchenko, Centre for Urban History in Lviv ; Constantin Sigov, Mohyla University in Kyiv; Céline Spector, Sorbonne University in Paris and College of Europe in Bruges; Andreas Umland, Swedish Institute of International Relations in Stockholm; Teuta Vodo, Université Paris Cité and Sciences Po Paris; Diana Vonnak, University of Stirling; etc.

Programme of the 11 and 12 march in Warsaw 

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