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Festival French Waves
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Festival French Waves

The greatest French artists will be on-stage in your living room from 5th June to 16th July, as part of the French Waves online festival. 

Updated on 27/04/2022

2 min

French Waves is a weekly event which offers an intimate glimpse into a piece of art, the life of an artist or the work of a film director or fashion designer. Here, art is revealed, explained, questioned and shared. The video content is offered free of charge by six major names in French culture:  the Avignon Festival, the Marseille National Ballet, the Jeu de Paume, the Printemps des Comédiens, Radio France and the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion. 

These exceptional collaborations shine a spotlight on artists of all ages and backgrounds, such as Shakespearean director and translator Olivier Py, the contemporary dance collective La Horde, the photographer and last living representative of the French humanist school Sabine Weiss and ensemble creator and fervent advocate of popular theatre, Jean Bellorini. So many encounters and ways of bringing art to life, at your fingertips thanks to the Tencent platform. 

Selected for the Chinese public and subtitled in Chinese, this French-language content is in fact accessible to everyone.


5-11 June: theatre

  • King Lear, directed by Olivier Py

Duration: 02:30

  • Masterclass: Olivier Py Talks Theatre

Duration: 13 x 5-10 min


12-18 June: dance

  • (LA) Horde, To Da Bone

Duration: 50 min

  • Film: Performance Novaciéries

Duration: 16 min


19-25 June: classical music

  • Concert: Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky, directed by Mikko Franck

Duration: 2h


26 June-7 July: visual arts

  • Film: Portrait of Sabine Weiss

Duration: 8min

  • Guided tour of the Palais de Tokyo (to be confirmed)


2-8 August: theatre

  • Liliom, directed by Jean Bellorini

Duration: 2h


10-16 June: fashion

  • Paris Fashion Week


All videos are available to view for 7 days after their date of publication.

The French Cultural Network and the project

French Waves is offered by the cultural service of the French Embassy in China, in partnership with the Tencent Art channel.

L'institut français, LAB