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Saison France-Brésil 2025
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France-Brazil : a cultural season 2025

Following their meeting in Paris last June, Presidents Emmanuel Macron and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva decided to organise a France-Brazil Season in 2025 to strengthen our bilateral relationship and our joint responses to contemporary political, social and ecological challenges. Multidisciplinary, cultural, social and committed, the Season will take place in France and then in Brazil from April to December 2025. For France, it will be implemented by the Institut français, with Anne Louyot as General Commissioner. 

Updated on 28/06/2024

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Since their creation in 1985, more than sixty Seasons have enabled France to dialogue with a hundred or so other countries, to showcase a wide range of cultures and forging lasting links between regions and peoples. 2025 will be the year of the reunion between Brazil and France, just twenty years after the first Brazilian Season in France, "Brazil, Brazils". 

This new cross Season will be built around three themes: the climate and the ecological transition, the diversity of societies and dialogue with Africa, democracy and fair globalisation, which will be the common thread in the development of a joint programme.

With a particular focus on young people and exchanges between professionals, the programme, built with civil society and cultural players, will combine global challenges with questions of human rights, diversity and equality. 


A call for projects for French programming in Brazil has been published. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: the closing date for the call for projects has been extended to Monday 1 July 2024-23:59 CET 


Please note that no second call for projects is planned at this time.

Please submit your project now, even if :

  • Your programme is indicative at this stage – please indicate this in the project title PROJECT NAME - Forecast
  • Your budget is still provisional - please indicate this where appropriate

We will nevertheless attach particular attention to the co-construction framework of your project, i.e. the partnership between a French structure and a Brazilian structure, the framework of which is explained in the commitment letter provided in the appendix.

The Institut français may contact you at a later date to complete your application.

Webinaire de présentation de la plateforme de dépôt de projet – en portugais
Webinaire de présentation de la plateforme de dépôt de projet – en portugais
The Institut français

As a key stakeholder in cultural policy outside France, the Institut français is entrusted with a public service mission and financed by state subsidy.

The Institut français, under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, conducts two fundamental missions:

  1. To promote French culture and language
  2. To strive for cultural diversity

To this end, it works closely with the French cultural network abroad, whose activities it aims to expand. 

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