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Ma tata Thérèse, texte Fabrice Nicolino, illustrations par Catherine Meurisse, Éditions Sarbacane, 2012
Ma tata Thérèse © Catherine Meurisse, Éditions Sarbacane, 2012

French artistic creation for young audiences !

The Salon du Livre et de la Presse de Jeunesse de Montreuil is the leading event for children's literature and will take place from 1 to 6 December 2021. Discover a panorama of French artistic production dedicated to young audiences, artists who work with children and young people, and advocates for children's rights.

Updated on 09/05/2022

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Ludovic Debeurme

Comic book author Ludovic Debeurme has written many books for young people, such as the fantasy and ecological trilogy Epiphania. In an interview from last year, he talked about his career, his practice from painting to comics, and the messages he puts across in his works.

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Rick Le Cube, Vers un nouveau monde - by the duo SATI

Vers un nouveau monde is the third volume in the adventures of Rick the Cube, a cube-shaped egg who this time finds himself on a desert planet. This spellbinding cine-concert is a participatory show for young audiences.

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Rick le Cube, Vers un nouveau monde
© Armada Productions
Rick le Cube, Vers un nouveau monde
Rick³ le Cube - Vers un nouveau monde (Teaser)

Vanille, by Guillaume Lorin

Guillaume Lorin's first short film Vanille tells the story of a little girl who goes on holiday to Guadeloupe. Vanille, a nine-year-old Parisian girl, discovers a new world and colourful characters. 

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Catherine Meurisse, La vie en dessin

At the end of 2020, the Centre Pompidou presented the exhibition Catherine Meurisse, La vie en dessin. Enjoy images from this exhibition dedicated to the illustrator, cartoonist and comic book author Catherine Meurisse's work. 

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Les Grands Espaces, couleurs d'Isabelle Merlet, Dargaud, septembre 2018
© Catherine Meurisse, 2020
Les Grands Espaces, couleurs d'Isabelle Merlet, Dargaud, septembre 2018

Valentine Goby

Awarded for her adult literature, Valentine Goby is also the author of dozens of works for young readers, from primary school to high school. She explores a wide range of subjects, from the lightest to the most serious. She has notably written a dozen works devoted to better understanding the history and issues of immigration.

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Eric Baudelaire

Winner of the 2019 Marcel Duchamp Prize, Eric Baudelaire is both a director and a photographer. His latest feature film, Un film dramatique (2019), was filmed over four years with secondary school pupils in Saint-Denis/Saint-Ouen.

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Éric Baudelaire
© Marco Abram Locarno Film Festival
Éric Baudelaire
Rencontre avec Eric Baudelaire

Louise Granger and Victor Toutain

Architects and urban planners Louise Granger and Victor Toutain attempt to demystify architecture, a discipline often seen as inaccessible by the general public. Their work has a particular focus on children's playgrounds.

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Claire Hédon, Defender of Rights

France's Defender of Rights Claire Hédon advocates for children's voices. She defends the idea that all minors have the right to express themselves freely on any issue concerning them. She launched the platform and its freephone number 3928, allowing children to contact the institution without the assistance of an adult.

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The Institut français

The Institut français sheds light on French artistic creation aimed at young audiences during the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse of Montreuil (publication and young press exhibition). From 4 to 8 December, the Institut français organises its "Youth book" Focus, in partnership with the the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse of Montreuil. 

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