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"Notre futur" : Yaoundé Média principal
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"Get involved" (S’engager): the second "Our Future - Africa-Europe Dialogues" forum in Yaoundé

One year after the New Africa-France Summit in Montpellier, the "Our Future - Africa-Europe Dialogues" series of forums continues the exchanges between the youth of the two continents and lays the foundations for a new relationship between Africa and Europe. 

After the first edition in Johannesburg on 7 and 8 October on the theme "Paths to democracy", the second forum will be held in Yaoundé from 1 to 3 December on the theme: "Get involved! ". 

Updated on 22/02/2023

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"Get involved!"

The "Get involved! " forum, coordinated by the Council for the Follow-up of the Recommendations of the New Africa-France Summit (CSRN), with the Institut français du Cameroun and the Institut français de Paris, will bring togethercivil society stakeholders, intellectuals, artists, public and private decision-makers and personalities from all walks of life from Cameroon, France and other African and European countries from 1 to 3 December to debate the major challenges of tomorrow, both in Europe and Africa, with a view to building a more sustainable world together. 

From questions of memory and heritage to issues related to the preservation of the environment and biodiversity, to civic engagement and mobility or the development of the circular economy, the forum will allow for a comparison of points of view and the initiation of concrete actions to renew Africa-Europe relations. 

Events will be hosted in major cultural and knowledge venues, notably: the Musée national du Cameroun, the International Relations Institute of Cameroon,  and the Institut français du Cameroun. 

« S’engager » : le deuxième forum « Notre futur – Dialogues Afrique-Europe » à Yaoundé
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« S’engager » : le deuxième forum « Notre futur – Dialogues Afrique-Europe » à Yaoundé

"Our Future - Africa-Europe Dialogues"

"Our Future - Africa-Europe Dialogues" is a series of nine forums held over three years, acting in response to Achille Mbembe's report entitled "The New Africa-France Relations: Facing Tomorrow's Challenges Together" and the hopes expressed by participants in the New Africa-France Summit, held on 8 October 2021 in Montpellier. 

Its three main objectives are to intensify dialogue between African and European civil societies in order to devise solutions to the many common challenges, to create the conditions for free, transparent and peaceful exchanges between stakeholders from both continents and (iii) to work on the co-development of new tools for cooperation. The series is based on co-construction, at all stages from design to follow-up and evaluation of the forum. 

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