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Etre bleu de quelqu'un (3)
© Julie Stephen Chheng

Grenouilles : the game that will make you love languages !

Do you know what the Russian expression « to play in the box » means? Do you know how the English and Spanish translate our the famous french idiom « when hens will have teeth »? And what if a Belgian tells you he is « blue of you »?


To all fans of graphic expressions, in French and foreign languages, the game Grenouilles was made for you!

Updated on 17/03/2021

5 min

This game allows you to discover idiomatic expressions from a wide range of languages ​​and countries : users can guess the meaning of an expression from its illustration or guess from which country an expression comes from.

Through these playful features, with a light and humorous tone, the richness conveyed by languages ​​and their speakers is put in the spotlight.

Quand les cochons volent (3)
© Julie Stephen Chheng
Quand les cochons volent (When pigs fly / Royaume-Uni)

Life is not a pony farm !

Maybe yesterday you « slept on a clothesline » or did you « drive over chocolate bars » this morning to get to work ?

If so, you need to relax and discover the meaning of these strange sentences. Our game Grenouilles will do just that !

The game presents about twenty expressions in 7 languages ​​(German, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian) that will regularly be enriched with new findings.

The illustrations are made by Julie Stephen Chheng, artist, illustrator and designer. Former winner of the Villa Kujoyama, present on futurelivre and in the exhibition France Emotion, Julie Stephen Chheng is very sensitive to the circulation and the promotion of french culture and language.

La vie n'est pas une ferme de poneys (3)
© Julie Stephen Chheng
La vie n'est pas une ferme de poneys (Das leben ist kein ponyhof / Allemagne)

How do people say it where you're from ?

Soon the game will be enriched with participatory features in order to collect expressions from around the world. French learners who attend the language courses of Instituts français and Alliances françaises, will be particularly encouraged to share the most astonishing expressions in French and foreign languages. Little by little, our language specialists and many experts of the diplomatic network will explain the sometimes surprising origins of these expressions.

Follow the little frogs and enjoy the extraordinary cultural richness that each country conveys through its languages.

Etre bleu de quelqu'un (3)
© Julie Stephen Chheng
Etre bleu de quelqu'un (Belgique)

Le livret pédagogique

The Institut français and the game

To promote the learning of French language by young people from all over the world, the Institut français launched the 2nd stage of the #plusloin campaign from 15 February 2021. 

Find out more about the #plusloin campaign


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