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I Listen (You) See
© Mario Cani

"I Listen (You) See" on tour in Albania with the support of the Africa2020 Collection

First presented as part of the Africa2020 Season by the Théâtre Paris-Villette and subsequently offered by the Institut français as part of the Africa2020 Collection, "I Listen (You) See" is a dance performance paying tribute to the working class world, performed by three dancers from a new generation of Tunisian contemporary artists. 

Published on 25/10/2023

2 min

On 12 and 13 September 2023, Hamdi Dridi, dancer and choreographer, Houcem Bouakroucha and Feteh Khiari performed for two dates at the Albania Dance Meeting Festival, the only contemporary dance festival in Albania and a regular programmer of international performers, aimed at familiarising Albanian audiences with innovative dance forms. Taking the form of an audio investigation, Hamdi Dridi transforms the worker's gesture into profound choreography. Using recycled materials, recordings and a loudspeaker suspended above the centre of the stage, a place of labour is created, revealing a singular hymn to the worker's gesture. 

I Listen (You) See - Mosaïque
© Mario Cani

In consultation with the French Embassy in Albania, with exclusive support from Teatroskop via a programme run by the Institut français in Serbia working with a vast network of live performance partners in South-East Europe, this project is a continuation of the already fruitful collaborations with regional partners and the productions offered by La Collection in 2021 and 2022. 

Teatroskop has also been supporting artists from diverse backgrounds for a number of years, to ensure a fair representation of the French and Francophone artistic scene in the region, in this case the Tunisian scene. In addition to the two performances - at the Teatri Aleksander Moisu in Durrës and the Teatri Kombetar Eksperimental in Tirana - the presence of Hamdi Dridi was also an opportunity to develop the regional contemporary dance scene, another of Teatroskop's strategic axes, in this case through a workshop for students at Tirana's University of the Arts, the day after the performance. 

"I Listen (You) See" - atelier Tirana
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The Africa2020 Collection

The project was supported as part of La Collection Africa2020, that aims to provide to the French cultural network abroad a range of quality programming, easy to implement and distribute.

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