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Saison France Portugal
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Launch of the France-Portugal 2022 Season, in France and in Portugal

Officially inaugurated on 12 February 2022, the France-Portugal 2022 Season seeks to give the French public the opportunity to meet the many faces of modern Portugal and to take a fresh look at its neighbour. The implementation of the French portion has been entrusted to the Institut français.

Updated on 28/06/2022

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The France-Portugal 2022 Season will be held in a profoundly European context, following on from the Portuguese and French presidencies of the Council of the European Union (the rotating presidency was held by Portugal in the first half of 2021 and has been held by France since 1 January 2022).

With a focus on modernity and movement, this joint season will give free rein to creation and daring, innovation and the expression of desires for change, and will invite French and Portuguese youth to the table.

Victoire Bidegain di Rosa
Personne Citée
Victoire Bidegain di Rosa, General Commissioner for the French side
The Season will help change Portuguese people’s view on France, introduce them to the more modern aspect and French youth culture. We are going to shatter some prejudices!

The France-Portugal 2022 Season will involve 87 cities in France and 55 cities in Portugal; more than 200 projects, i.e. more than 480 events in both countries; more than 800 French and Portuguese participants (artists, researchers, intellectuals, professionals, etc); 75 joint projects in both countries; 2 European forums organised within the framework of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. 

Manuela Júdice
Personne Citée
Manuela Júdice, General Commissioner for the Portuguese side
I would like to showcase Portugal’s rich cultural and gastronomic heritage, as well as its scientists and artists,. Conversely, I would like Portuguese people to realise that France doesn’t have to be reduced to the tourist assets of Paris alone.

It is a season that builds on the powerful and intimate links that have united France and Portugal for so many years. Built around strong themes: the Ocean, the one that unites us, the one that symbolises the need to take into account the protection of the environment, parity and inclusion, and youth, it is an invitation to project ourselves into the future. 

Saison France-Portugal 2022 / Teaser
Saison France-Portugal 2022 / Teaser

For 9 months, all the territories will celebrate the Franco-Portuguese friendship. From Ouessant to the Azores, from the Vosges to the Douro plains, from Bordeaux to Guimarães...: find out all about the Season's programme on the website and on the Season's social networks. 

The Institut français and the Season

The implementation of the Season has been entrusted, for the French portion, to the Institut français. 

L'institut français, LAB