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Bande de filles, de Céline Sciamma, est diffusé à l'international par l'Institut français © DR

March 8, 2020: International Women's Rights Day

On the occasion of March 8, International Women's Rights Day, the Institut français chose to highlight meetings, works, or portraits of women who, from Mexico to Tunisia, from Haiti to South Africa, from France to India, fight, through art and culture, for women's rights and explore the feminine condition in all its forms.

Updated on 09/05/2022

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Zyanya Camargo, a young Mexican student, won in 2019 the French eloquence competition organized in Mexico on the theme of women's rights and will be in Paris mid-March at the Institut de France to represent her country in the competition “À mots ouverts”. Jehyna Sahyeir, Haitian singer currently in residence at the Cité internationale des arts, who will participate on March 9 in the festival Aux arts citoyennes, defines herself as a "committed artist and feminist". Gabrielle Goliath denounces violence against women with her video installation Personal Accounts, which received the Afrique en créations Prize from the Institut français and the Jury Prize at the Rencontres internationales de Bamako in 2017. Chloé Desmoisneaux defends the place of women in the very masculine universe of video games. She invites us in particular to discover the games of the Accidental Queens studio founded by a trio of creators who explore daily life and social issues, through innovative storytelling tools

From literature to cinema and music

Regarding literature, Claire Richard, author of Les Chemins du désir, will depict in her next novel the feminist communities settled in Vermont and Alabama in the 1970s.

Gitanjali Rao, director of Bombay Rose, uses animated films to discuss the themes of love between women, religious fanaticism, forced marriage and the exploitation of children.

Emel Mathlouti, one of the voices of the Tunisian revolution, who sings Kelmti Horra or Ensenity, is committed to individual freedoms, human rights and the rights of women through his pieces tinged with rock.

Let’s finish this selection with the artist Laure Prouvost who represented France at the last Venice International Art Biennial and whose installation Deep See Blue Surrounding You, created for this occasion, continues to roam in France and abroad.

Looking at the Institut français plateforms

Looking at the Institut français plateforms, also discover the best of webcreation, female or feminist, on Futurimage, dedicated to transmedia; on IFcinéma, honor to the Cécile Sciamma Bande de filles; and on our social media, meet the young entrepreneur Oumaima Benjama welcomed as part of the Safir program.


And elsewhere...

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Happy reading to you all !

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