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Nuit des idées 2023
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'More? ' - A new Nuit des Idées in 2023

Nuit des Idées returns with a new format for 2023! From now on, centres of knowledge and culture worldwide will be able to explore the annual theme with their audiences throughout the year. 

Updated on 06/03/2023

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For its eighth edition, Nuit des Idées will adopt the theme 'More?'. It is an invitation to question our consumption habits, our modes of extraction and production, but also the major challenges of demographic change, as the planet passes the symbolic milestone of 8 billion human beings. 'More?' is also an open door to debates on the culture of performance, at school and at work, in sport and in personal life. 

Spotlight on five Nuits des Idées not to be missed

In Quito, Ecuador, from 9 to 13 February, across the city

The Alliance française de Quito is taking over municipal libraries throughout the city with the help of its many partners for a week of Nuits des Idées where practical workshops, screenings, conferences, exhibitions and musical performances will evoke the solidarities at the source of a sustainable future. 


In Paris, France, on 30 March, around the Panthéon

The University of Paris 1-Sorbonne and its partners, the Town Hall of the 5th arrondissement, the Lycée Henri IV, the Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, the Bibliothèque Cujas and the University of Sorbonne-Nouvelle, in collaboration with the journals AOC and Les Déviations, will unpack the year's theme in all its dimensions, during an exceptional evening in which the arts will enter into dialogue with research in the human and social sciences. 


In Madrid, Spain, on 27 April, at the Circulo de Bellas Artes

From fear to hope for a sustainable world - in Madrid, the Nuit des Idées of the Institut français d'Espagne and the Cercle des Beaux Arts will attempt to go beyond the confrontation between theories of collapse and technological solutionism in order to imagine, through economics, philosophy and the arts, paths to collective emancipation. 


From 26 to 29 September, across Egypt

In Alexandria, Cairo and Luxor, the Institut français d'Égypte will devote its Nuits des Idées to sustainable tourism. Electing to sidestep Épinal's images of Egyptomania, they will question the conditions and possibilities of a more sustainable, more responsible and fairer tourism, which can allow the full diversity of the country's culture and heritage to be expressed. 


At the National Museum of Taiwan in Taipei, in November

In 2023, the French Office in Taipei will offer a forum for indigenous cultures to reflect on their relationship with the world and with life. Other forms of consumption and relationships with nature and the environment can emerge from these encounters and, throughout the year, from the international book fair in January to the autumn festivals, they will inform debates in a series of events that will culminate in the Nuit des Idées at the National Museum of Taiwan. 

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