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MyFrenchFilmFestival 2020
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MyFrenchFilmFestival, 10th edition

For a month from 16 January to 16 February 2020, cinema lovers from all over the world will be able to watch 10 feature films and 10 short films selected by MyFrenchFilmFestival, which this year celebrates its 10th edition. Accessible on the internet, this international 2.0 event created by Unifrance in 2011 celebrates French cinema on the theme of diversity.

Updated on 14/01/2020

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42 million spectators, 220 films programmed and subtitled in 10 languages, prestigious guests, 10 million views recorded last year across 200 countries...the first fully digital French-language film festival in 10 years, MyFrenchFilmFestival has made French cinema and its young generation of French-speaking directors shine across the world. Its eclectic programming has won over increasing numbers of cinema lovers, including Americans, Argentines, Spaniards and Indians, who make up the biggest audiences on the event's website.

The biggest online francophone film festival

This online event offered by Unifrance Films is entirely digital and celebrates French cinema with three iconic awards: the Jury Prize, the Lacoste Public Prize and the International Press Prize. For this 2020 edition, MyFrenchFilmFestival has called upon a joint international jury, led by the American director Ira Sachs, who presented Frankie at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019. Alongside him will be young French actors Agathe Bonitzer and Judith Davis, Guatemalan filmmaker Jayro Bustamante, American actor Brady Corbet and Czech director Michaela Pavlátová.

Like every year, people around the world will be able to vote on the festival's platform by pre-registering on the site to comment on the films and give them a score. The short films are all available for free. Feature films made in Africa, Latin America, South Korea, Poland, Romania and Russia will cost €1.99 (or €7.99 per pack) in the rest of the world. All are available at and some 60 other platforms, including MUBI, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Google Play.

The talents of tomorrow

The films selected in competition once again illustrate the richness of French cinema. Fantasy film, animated film, comedies, dramas, teen-movies, thrillers, documentaries...MyFrenchFilmFestival focuses on the diversity of genres and showcases many emerging and atypical film makers who have created a sensation with their first film like Erwan le Duc and his refreshing Perdrix (Partridge, 2019), the duo Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel with the brutal Jessica Forever (2019), and Sébastien Marnier with his ecological fable L'Heure de la sortie (School’s Out, 2019). This varied selection also showcases the emerging talents of the seventh art with Lily-Rose Depp in Les Fauves (Savage, 2019), Swan Arlaud in Exfiltrés (Escape from Raqqa, 2019) and Gaspard Ulliel in Les Confins du monde (To the Ends of the World, 2018).

By focusing on themes such as the fate of women, youth in search of points of reference, humour and absurdity as well as armed conflict, the festival offers six major entries, including a youth section entitled "My Little Zoo". The works in competition offer a range of emotions and innovations, reflecting a view of the contemporary world, sometimes fantasised, sometimes derided. As is the case every year, MyFrenchFilmFestival has also programmed a film typical of French culture, which will be given pride of place in its restored version: it is Ma 6-T va craquer (My Suburbs Are Going To Crack) by Jean-François Richet, released in 1997.

Internet users from all over the world will therefore have the opportunity to discover or watch again various independent works of French cinema from 16 January to 16 February 2020. The award-winning films will continue their journey around the globe with Air France, which will air them in the clouds for six months from summer 2020.

The Institut français and the project

The Institut français is a partner of MyFrenchFilmFestival.

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