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Tomorrow and Thereafter ( "Demain et tous les jours" ) by Noémie Lvovsky
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MyFrenchFilmFestival 2019: Award for Noémie Lvovsky

On February 18th, 2019, Isabelle Giordano and Serge Toubiana, respectively Chief Executive Officer and President of UniFrance, presented the four MyFrenchFilmFestival awards. This year, the list of winners featured many intimate, personal films, like Tomorrow and Thereafter (“Demain et tous les autres jours”) by  Noémie Lvovsky.

Published on 13/03/2019

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For a month, from January 18th to February 18th, 2019, Internet users from all over the world were invited to watch ten feature films and ten short films selected by MyFrenchFilmFestival: films by established filmmakers such as Noémie Lvovsky and Quentin Dupieux as well as by the rising stars of French cinema such as Vanessa Filho and Fabien Gorgeart, reflecting the dynamism and diversity of French-language filmmaking. Canadian and Belgian films were also available, separate from the competition.

Audience Award, Press Award, Filmmakers Award

Tomorrow and Thereafter (2016) by  Noémie Lvovsky, a delicate fable about a girl and her mother who suffers from mental illness, received the Lacoste Audience Award and the International Press Award.

For short films, the audience selected La Collection (2017) by Emmanuel Blanchard, a film featuring a character with a strong psychological influence on another person. The International Press Award was given, for its part, to Blue Dog (“Chien bleu") (2018) by Fanny Liatad and Jérémy Trouilh.

Finally, the jury of directors (made up of Houda Benyamina, Coralie Fargeat, Mikhaël Hers, Kim Nguyen and Jaco Van Dormael) gave the Filmmakers Award to a bold, modern feature film on surrogate pregnancy, Diane Has the Right Shape (“Diane a les épaules”), by Fabien Gorgeart.

Tomorrow and Thereafter / Demain et tous les autres jours (2017) - Trailer
Tomorrow and Thereafter (Demain et tous les autres jours) by Noémie Lvovsky, public award.

Created in 2011 by UniFrance Films, MyFrenchFilmFestival aims to promote young French filmmaking across the world. The short films were freely accessible to all throughout the festival, as were the feature films in Latin American and African countries, Russia, Poland, Romania and India. Over 50 on-demand video platforms partnered with the event to cover distribution in the rest of the world. All of the films were subtitled in 11 languages. The winning films from MyFrenchFilmFestival will continue their journey in search of film-lovers from around the world: they will be available on Air France planes for six months.

During the 2018 edition, the festival had over 10 million views across the globe. The 5 most interested countries were, in order, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Argentina and Russia.

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