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La Nuit des Alter-réalités
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Night of Alter-realities – 13 and 14 July 2021

On Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 July, the association Civic City is organising the Nuit des Alter-réalités (Alter-realities Night) as part of the 2021 Porto Design Biennale, which can be followed live.

Updated on 13/07/2021

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Faced with the health crisis but also the economic crises affecting the world, there is a need to think collectively about the urgent changes to be made to guarantee that the world works well tomorrow. The Civic City association, founded by Ruedi and Vera Baur, intends to use the Nuit des alter-réalités to bring forth possible alternatives to today’s world.

Continuing on from the Etrange nuit du design, which the association organised last October, the night of 13 to 14 July 2021 will show that the utopian imaginations that keep us hoping are potentially within reach. But you still need to be persuaded of this to make these utopias the reality of tomorrow!

The discussions and debates will strongly echo the 2021 Porto Design Biennale, which has the theme “Alter realities”. Incidentally the Nuit des Alter-réalités is organised in partnership with French curators Caroline Naphegyi and Sam Baron, as well as the Institut français in Portugal, who are developing the programme of the Biennale’s guest country, France.

The Institut français and the event

The Institut français is partner of the Nuit des Alter-réalités, organised by the Civic City association, in partnership with the French curators Caroline Naphegyi and Sam Baron and the Institut français in Portugal.

L'institut français, LAB