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Nova Autour du Monde
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Nova Autour du Monde

On 3 October 2020, Radio Nova launched Nova Autour du Monde (Nova Around the World), a programme of regular visits to foreign cities with the support of the Institut français and the French cultural network abroad. The first destination, Brussels, will be followed by other radiophonic meanderings over the coming weeks. They will be made into a series of podcasts available to listen to on demand. 

Updated on 27/04/2022

2 min

Nova Autour du Monde is a four-hour tour of a city. It’s an opportunity to pay visits, hand over the mic to radio friends, highlight the initiative of Instituts français abroad, or follow a cultural figure (such as an artist or passionate promoter) to unmissable places and hidden venues for music and art lovers. 

Nova Autour du Monde is a testing of the waters in situ, a programme in the guise of a great stroll from one place to another, one guide to another, ending up on the waves of a local station. 

Nova Autour du Monde is an opportunity, in this forced time of withdrawal, to continue forging real links. A proffered mic, a resonating wave. 

Nova Autour du Monde has showcased Brussels for its first episode, with the help of the French Embassy in Belgium, for a two-hour report. 

Featured: the tribulations of the Belgian streets, a stop-off at record shop Crevette Records, a trip to Claus studios and the new Brussels venue See u, located in an old barracks, a concert by cult band Aksak Maboul, formed by Marc Hollander, and a visit to his label, before meeting Kiosk radio which has put together a special mix for French listeners. 

Find out the Nova Autour du Monde podcasts.

L'Institut français et le projet

The Institut français has joined forced with Radio Nova for its new programme Nova Autour du Monde

Nova Autour du Monde is organised in partnership with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the cultural diplomacy network. 

L'institut français, LAB