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Novembre Numérique, the digital cultures festival

The 4th edition of Novembre Numérique (Digital November), the digital cultures festival, is taking place in almost 70 countries and 100 cities on five continents, with in situ or online programmes throughout November !

Updated on 14/01/2021

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Organised all around the world thanks to the French cultural network abroad (Instituts français, alliances françaises, embassy and consulate cultural services etc.) and its partners, Novembre Numérique aims to foster access to all new technologies, promote the extraordinary diversity of the French digital creation, to build sustainable partnerships with foreign professionals, and more widely to foster international dialogue between creators, professionals in the sector and audiences.

From India to Nigeria, Vietnam to Colombia, Spain to Iraq, Germany to Kenya, French and foreign amateurs and professionals will get together, physically or online, to (de)code, create, play and consider digital in all its forms, all together.

Whereas the health crisis questions our relationship with digital technology, individually and collectively, and the number of dematerialised events has multiplied, throughout November, Novembre Numérique will give the opportunity to continue and extend consideration of digital challenges, and encourage development of collaborative and participative uses for an audience that plays an active role in digital content and tools.

Once again this year, French digital creation will be promoted in all its forms in almost 70 countries and 100 cities: presenting the best in virtual reality (South Korea, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Russia, etc.); highlighting innovative comic book works with the Machines à Bulles exhibition (Algeria, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Guatemala, Poland, Mexico, etc.); interactive installations in the public sphere like the Live Drawing project in Peru; augmented reality projects like Mr Chip by Serge Bloch (Mauritius) or the The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing fresco by Elly Oldman (Singapore). Without taking into account festivals initiated for the occasion: Deconfine, an online digital arts festival in South Asia; Multifest, a digital creation festival in Ecuador in partnership with the VR Chat digital platform and the New Images Festival; Holy Bits, the festival dedicated to digital arts and DIY culture in Kenya... The public will not only be a viewer but also take part thanks to several workshops or video game tournaments and competitions, like in Bulgaria or Bahrain.

Novembre Numérique is the opportunity to innovate and propose new ways of creating, broadcasting and learning: exclusive creation of a comic book for Instagram initiated by the Instituts français in Scandinavia, Gam Jam in Argentina, the “Francophonie and digital innovation” hackathon in Kosovo, an anticipatory seminar for a Digital Factory of Multilingualism in Lebanon, etc.

Finally Novembre Numérique will allow digital technology use in our societies to be questioned: “info ou intox” information education workshop in Germany, conference-debates on “digital tech: lever of feminine entrepreneurship” in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a series of “accounts and acts: tech serving change” podcasts in the Baltic countries, etc.

What’s happening with Novembre Numérique can be followed throughout November on the Institut français website and social media.

Présentation de Novembre numérique 2020
Présentation de Novembre numérique 2020
The Institut français and the event

Steered by the Institut français, Novembre Numérique is the month of digital cultures. 

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