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Ball Theater - Studio Muoto
Ball Theater © Muoto + Stanishev et La Sagna

Pavilion Days at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023

As part of the Pavilion Days, an event featuring guided tours, performances, conferences and other events, the French Pavilion will be hosting a new research and creation ball from 13 to 17 September, "Echotopy, le bal des voix", with French performance artist Violaine Lochu. 

Updated on 18/09/2023

2 min

Voices sung, whispered, growled, cooed, howled... All registers are summoned to invite us to think about our relationship with the environment, not as a relationship of reciprocal exteriority but of continuity. Violaine Lochu will present a series of polyphonies performed by four singer-performers who will translate scores and research conducted in real time with the audience into voice and movement. Using a specific protocol, the aim is to trace the contours of an "echotopia". 

Conceived as an opportunity to share the ideas and concepts that drive national participation, Pavilion Days aims to strengthen the international architecture network. Pavilion Days is an initiative of the Global Commissioners Group, with the active participation of several national pavilions, including the French Pavilion. 

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