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The 7th edition of Novembre Numérique, the celebration of digital culture!

Novembre Numérique, the celebration of digital culture, will be taking place again in 2023 in over 80 countries and 130 cities! Throughout November, the French cultural network and its partners will be showcasing digital creation in all its forms at a wide range of events across the globe. Find out more about the programme. 

Published on 30/10/2023

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Novembre Numérique is the annual celebration of the diversity of digital cultures by the Institut français and the French cultural network abroad (Instituts français, Alliances Françaises, Embassy cultural services). This year's international festival, which has been expanding every year since its launch in 2017, will be held in over 80 countries and 130 cities. 

The 7th edition of Novembre Numérique will once again explore the many facets of digital culture, with a wide range of on-site and/or online events, including workshops, conferences, performances, exhibitions, social media events, professional programmes and much more. 

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A wide range of artistic disciplines will be showcased

Novembre numérique confirms once again this year that esport, i.e. the competitive practice of video games, is a new programming object for the cultural network. Several esport tournaments will be held around the world (Burma, Morocco, Cameroon, Djibouti, etc), bringing together communities of professional gamers, enthusiasts and the simply curious. For the second year running, the Instituts français of Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark are also joining forces to organise the second edition of a regional online competition based around the famous French game Trackmania, in partnership with Ubisoft.

Immersive experiences will also be in the spotlight in a number of countries (Colombia, Romania, Chad, Peru, Bulgaria, Slovakia, India, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, etc), thanks in particular to the Institut français Sélection VR, which showcases the best of French virtual reality. A number of augmented reality experiences, including some from the Institut français' Unlock catalogue of works designed for mobile use, will also be on show.

Launched to coincide with the 7th edition of Novembre Numérique, the Institut français' new Binge programme aims to showcase the richness and diversity of French short and digital series. It will be presented in Austria, South Africa, Cameroon, Mali and Uganda. Short and digital series have become an essential medium in recent years, enabling the emergence of a new range of audiovisual content, bringing together a growing audience and new ways of creating and consuming culture. There's plenty to keep series fans happy! 

The digital arts will be showcased in Portugal, Nepal, Georgia and Croatia, with programmes organised in partnership with local festivals and arts centres.

This year's programming will also explore the role of digital technology in our societies, through conferences, debates and workshops. It will explore themes such as the impact of technology on the environment, deciphering technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence, analysing new uses of the Web and the use of digital technology in learning. All of these issues will be addressed by experts and artists while engaging audiences (Costa Rica, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, etc).

Once again, the French Institute's Escape, Journey to the Heart of Digital Cultures exhibition will be on show in a number of countries (New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Nepal, Ecuador, Mexico, etc).

Sport will be the central theme of several programmes this year, in anticipation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024, based around digital works (Austria, Djibouti, South Africa, etc). Series on the place of women in sport, the integration of people with disabilities and urban dance, a Just Dance tournament and conferences will provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the sporting world and get moving.

Finally, Novembre Numérique is an opportunity to showcase French expertise and foster international partnerships. Professional events will be held in Germany, Canada, Nigeria and Ecuador on the subject of immersive experiences, in Morocco on podcasting, and in Switzerland with an event dedicated to video games.

Many of these programmes are the result of collaborations with French and local stakeholders, whether they be festivals, markets, professional or general public meetings, or museums from all four corners of the globe. Thank you to all our partners! 


Keep up to date with the 2023 edition of Novembre Numérique throughout November on the Institut français website and social networks.

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