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Accès culture phase 2
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The Accès Culture program is back for a second phase!

Accès Culture is a support system for African cultural actors that has been led by the Institut français and funded by the French Development Agency since 2020. It aims to support cultural projects headed by pairs of African and French participants, with the goal of fostering social ties and strengthening collaborations between actors. 

The objective of the program is to bring culture closer to those populations that are distant from it for economic, social, geographical, gender or disability reasons. 

Published on 19/06/2023

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Between 2020 and 2023, the first phase of Accès Culture supported 92 projects, including 76 annual and 16 tri-annual projects, led by pairs of African and French participants. Following this first session, having fulfilled its objectives with positive results, notably among the target audiences, the renewal of Accès Culture for a second session was announced in October 2021 during the New Africa-France Summit in Montpellier. 

This second session started with the launch of a call for projects last February which allowed for the selection of 30 three-year projects across the 54 African countries.

In addition to receiving financial support over three years, the new laureates will benefit from technical support through thematic training adapted to their needs. The Institut français wishes to continue with the momentum that has been generated, with greater ambition in the areas of training, networking and impact measurement (social and economic). 

Thus, key events will be organized: collective seminars on the African continent to promote collective reflection and the sharing of best practices, and connecting operators; as well as advocacy sessions based on existing events on the continent to contribute to the development of a space for dialogue between actors in the African and French Cultural and Creative Industries (ICC).

In addition, the research and evaluation work undertaken since the first session—thanks to the support of a team of researchers in the humanities—will continue to measure the social and economic impact of the cultural projects being supported and will be strengthened by the support of a gender specialist. A careful consideration of the issue of gender in the various projects and at each key stage of the program is one of the new priorities of this second phase.

Follow the activities of the program on our social networks dedicated to Accès Culture Africa! 

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