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The Institut français, committed to promoting the French language and the French speaking world

Created in 1995 at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, French Language and Francophonie Week will be celebrated from 16 to 24 March this year. For this occasion, the Institut français offers you a better understanding of its actions, in close connection with the cultural network, to promote the French language and the French speaking world. 

Updated on 18/03/2024

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The year 2024 represents a unique opportunity to promote the French language, with France hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP 2024) on the one hand, and the Francophonie Summit on the other. These two events will address new audiences and renew perceptions of the French language. In this context, the Institut français aims to: 

  • Promote a modern image of French; 
  • Contribute to improving the quality of teaching in French; 
  • Support the development of a French-speaking cultural environment and the development of language centres in French cultural institutions abroad. 

Promote a modern image of French

By helping to develop projects that increase the attractiveness of French, the French Language Fund is an essential tool for promoting a modern image of our language all over the world. In 2024, 31 projects are supported by the fund, to a total value of €205,000. Among the supported projects, 25 are also part of the JOP 2024, during which the Institut français, in conjunction with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Paris 2024, is supporting the network's cultural programming around the event by offering: 

  • the "Les Elles des Jeux" exhibition, with the Musée National du Sport, traces back more than 130 years of our contemporary social history through its iconic sportswomen; 
  • The Sport Friendly project addressing the themes of sport, inclusion and LGBTQI+ communities;
  • an "Art and Sport" inspiration kit comprising a selection of artistic proposals adapted to the cultural network, bringing art and sport into dialogue; 
  • pedagogical resources and tools for educational and linguistic cooperation are made available to the network via the Institut français collaborative space. 

Contribute to improving the quality of teaching French and teaching in the French language

The IFprofs platform, aimed at French language teachers and professionals, is set to undergo significant development in 2024. After its redesign, the platform will incorporate new educational resources, short self-study modules, and themed webinars. A collaborative space to facilitate exchanges and the sharing of ideas as well as a directory of trainers/researchers will be added to the system. 

In addition to strengthening teacher training through IFprofs, the Institut français also intends to promote the emergence of new digital solutions for teaching and learning languages. This is the objective posted by La Fabrique numérique du plurilinguisme, which is divided into two parts: a system to support innovation through the incubation of projects on the one hand, and a mission of expertise and advice to the cultural network on the other. 

Support the development of an attractive French-speaking cultural environment and language centres

The Institut français played a central role in supporting the French cultural network abroad during the COVID crisis, in particular by enabling an acceleration of the digital transformation of language centres, which was reflected in the implementation of hybrid classes. In 2024, the Institut français continues to support the evolution of teaching practices and formats in the cultural network (online course catalogue, support for language centres for the implementation of cost-effective and attractive strategies, "low-tech" working group), offering institutions the opportunity to develop their own new resources. 

The Institut français also seeks to support the development of an attractive French-speaking cultural environment. Thus, a whole series of innovative actions around a "language-culture" axis are on offer to the cultural network. The redesign of the Culturethèque digital library, which is already complete, and the IFcinéma platform, offering almost 3,000 French-speaking films for programming, also form part of this initiative. 

The final objective is to develop the learning of French for business. In partnership with the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Les Clés du français pro is a tool serving the French cultural network abroad to support the deployment of a French business language development strategy. Beneficiary institutions are supported by experts in order to strengthen the French speaking economic sphere. 

The Institut français

As a key stakeholder in cultural policy outside France, the Institut français is entrusted with a public service mission and financed by state subsidy. 

The Institut français, under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, conducts two fundamental missions: 

  1. To promote French culture and language 
  2. To strive for cultural diversity 

To this end, it works closely with the French cultural network abroad, whose activities it aims to expand. 

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