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The Institut français joins #JamaisSansElles!

Already a signatory of the Charter of Cultural and Creative Industries in Favour of Gender Equality (2021), the Institut français is underlining its commitment in this field by signing a partnership agreement with the association #JamaisSansElles. 

Updated on 28/11/2022

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With this agreement, the Institut français sets out its commitment to promoting gender equality, and more specifically to developing gender diversity within the institution. The "#JamaisSansElles Charter" is the tool for implementing this partnership; it allows the establishment of partnerships and the implementation of shared communication. 

The partnership agreement aims to promote gender diversity in French culture internationally and to make women in the arts fully visible. 

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Principal commitments

  • The key representatives of the Institut français, including its President, will no longer participate in any public event or media intervention, either face-to-face or remotely, where subjects of common interest, whether societal, political, economic, scientific or strategic, will be debated, commented on or judged, or any event which does not include women among the participants. 
  • The events and conferences held on the premises of the Institut français must maintain parity between male and female speakers. 
  • Chaired by a woman for the first time in its history, the Institut français now aims to achieve gender parity at all levels of the institution. 

To ensure that these commitments are respected, the agreement provides for an annual evaluation by a monitoring committee made up of representatives from both parties. 


#JamaisSansElles (NeverWithoutWomen) is a feminist and humanist movement, founded by women and men entrepreneurs, which acts in favour of gender diversity and shared governance in all areas of society. 

It is a do-tank that proposes concrete and immediate actions to promote the equal participation and visibility of women in decision-making bodies and in positions of responsibility and representation. In this movement, feminism is humanism. 

The association develops charters of commitment with companies, ministries (the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance and the Ministry of the Interior) and institutions. Some fifteen charters have been signed to date. #JamaisSansElles is the largest French movement working for gender diversity and equality in the professional sphere. 

The movement is also involved in the field of education with the "National #JamaisSansElles day for gender equality in the workplace" in secondary schools in order to fight against gender stereotypes and biases, with the support of the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Education. 

More than 1,200 men and women have made a personal commitment with #JamaisSansElles to never again participate in events without women: executives, managers, politicians, MPs, senators, French ambassadors. Signatories are present in 70 countries. 

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