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ça va ça va le monde ! - 10 ans
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The Institut Français, partner of the 10th anniversary of the "Ça va, ça va le Monde! " season at RFI

In partnership with the Institut Français, RFI is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Ça va, ça va le Monde! season. 

Published on 11/07/2022

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The Ça va, ça va le Monde! season offers, every year in Avignon, public readings of six texts by French-speaking authors, most often from Africa or Haiti. Read in public, they are broadcast live and on video on Facebook, and recorded for broadcast during the summer on RFI. In this way, young authors who have never enjoyed readings before rub shoulders with established authors of contemporary theatre. 

This continues for the tenth anniversary season with two very young women authors and the winner of the RFI Théâtre 2021 prize, Jean D'Amérique. Established authors will also be taking part, including Dieudonné Niangouna, who launched the 2013 season as associate artist of the Festival. Three directors will also exclusively be in attendance: Catherine Boskowitz, Armel Roussel and Aristide Tarnagda. Finally, to look back at these first 10 years, you are invited to an evening of extended chat with Kouam Tawa. 

Celebrating 10 years: Toli! Toli! on 13 July at 6pm in the garden of the rue de Mons

Who says Toli! Toli! is an invitation to listen to a story that someone is about to tell. This will take the form of an extended chat between artists. Authors and playwrights, directors, choreographers, actors, storytellers, musicians, slammers and poets from different backgrounds will explore how Africa's story has been told through its theatre. 

With Penda Diouf, Sedjro Giovanni Houansou, Koffi Kwahulé, Etienne Minoungou, Blaise Ngazolo, Dieudonné Niangouna, Odile Sankara, Snake, Christiana Tabaro.  And musician Senny Camara (kora). 


On the programme for the tenth season

  • 15 July at 11am - Opéra Poussière, by Jean D’Amérique (Haiti)
  • 16 July at 11am - Course aux Noces, by Nathalie Hounvo Yekpe (Benin)
  • 17 July at 11am – Terre Ceinte, by Mohamed Mbougar Sarr (Senegal)
  • 18 July at 11am – Celle des îles, by Koulsy Lamko (Chad)
  • 19 July at 11am – Procès aux mémoires, by Laura Sheila Inangoma (Burundi)
  • 20 July at 11am – Fantôme, by Dieudonné Niangouna (Republic of Congo)


Coproduction between RFI and Compagnie [e]utopia

Supported by the Institut français, the SACD for radiophonic cultural activities, Wallonie-Bruxelles International.

In partnership with l’École du Nord, École professionnelle supérieure d’art dramatique directed by David Bobée, La Charge du Rhinocéros, la Chartreuse-CNES de Villeneuve lez Avignon.

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