Antoine Cayrol

VR is presented as a genre whereas primarily it’s a technique that’s combined with others.

For the past 15 years, Antoine Cayrol, producer and cofounder of Atlas V, produces virtual reality content that has won awards at the major festivals. The content features: Spheres (2018), Ayahuasca (Kosmik Journey) (2019) or Gloomy Eyes (2020). 

Updated on 08/10/2021

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After graduating in 2005 with a law degree from the Sorbonne-Paris university, Antoine Cayrol abandoned the world of law for entrepreneurship. The same year, he cofounded his production company FatCat Films with the director Pierre Zandrowicz, and specialised in interactive and immersive content for the web. In 2013, he tried the first virtual reality headset launched by Oculus and decided to cofound Okio Studio, specialised in VR content. In its first year, he moves on to experiment: “We made our own cameras. We filmed skiing, skateboarding, in cars, on a rollercoaster, to see what worked and what didn't”. Starting Atlas V in 2017 allowed him to explore the full spectrum of immersive content, from the animated VR film to immersive theatre. 

The films Antoine Cayrol produces stand out for their aesthetic qualities, immersive design and a willingness to place the audience at the centre of the stories. “The public has always appreciated Hyperrealism. We’ve always wanted to get into the stories, and interactions are the means to bring the viewers into the story”, underlines the producer. The film I Philip (2016) therefore places the viewer at the heart of the story, embodying the head of a robot in which the mind of Philip K.Dick has been reconstituted. Atomu (2020), a project initially conceived to be a 360° film, becomes an interactive and collective experience under the impetus of Antoine, where the viewer finds themselves at the heart of the narration. 

The productions signed by Antoine Cayrol have won prizes at the major festivals of the genre: Spheres and Battlescar have won awards at Sundance, Gloomy Eyes at the SXSW Festival and Ayahuasca (Kosmik Journey) at Tribeca. He has worked with directors from around the world: the Argentinians Fernando Maldonado and Jorge Tereso, the Frenchman Jan Kounen, the Englishman Aaron Bradbury or the African directors Shariffa Ali and Yetunde Dada. 

  • 2005


    Antoine Cayrol cofounded his production company Fatcat Films after graduating with a media law degree from Assas and an M2 in private international law from the Sorbonne.

  • 2014


    He created Okio-Studio, a company specialising in virtual reality content production.

  • 2016


    Release of the 360° VR film I Philip. 5 awards, selected 25 times in festivals.

  • 2017


    Antoine Cayrol cofounded the company Atlas V with Arnaud Colinart, Pierre Zandrowicz and Frederic Volhuer.

  • 2018


    The first two films produced by Atlas V, Spheres and Battlescar attract a lot of attention at the Sundance New Frontier festival.

  • 2020


    Atlas V launched the Albyon studio, dedicated to real time film production.

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Gloomy Eyes (2020) is in the Catalogue VR Immersive Experiences. The “VR Immersive Experiences” catalogue presents some forty original works at the intersection of virtual reality, live entertainment and visual arts.

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